Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Six, no rest for the wicked

There was me thinking this week would be a gentle ease into the year. No so!! My feet were up and reading for a total of 2 minutes... grrrr if that.

I shouldn't complain 'cause I love my job and to be serious I don't normally put my feet up at work - this was for effect only. But, in 2 days back at work, i've already had public relations matters that could have gone a tad aaaargh needing sorting. Delicate stuff. And unusual things for us too...

But we're also full of all the usual banter for the start of a new year. Meeting with senior managers about "what we want to achieve in '09"... team directions like lets get our head wrapped around this little can of worms... and all those sorts of convos. It's been an interesting couple of days. It will get more so over the next few months.

I'm enjoying sharing with you all. But I'm warning, it might get stressy every now and then :))



amber brooke said...

now I know why you want to get takeaway, lol :)