Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Four

Lunch with friends :)

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Three

watching TV?? WTF??

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Two

OK. Day off. Sleep in and read my book. Got breakfast in bed (it took 3 hours to clean the kitchen later but that's besides the point).

Girlies all then went shopping and had lunch out - as you do.

Came home, ooops read my book some more with a cup of tea and some biccy's, then got asked to have a mask session with the eldest. hmmmmmmmmm so here i am scrubbed clean to within an inch of my life LOL

Kids relaxing, dinners being cooked, nice life for some hey :)

Back to work tomorrow ah well....

ps dont blame me for the messy house ahahahaaaaa

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Sixty One (2)

Another sore eye today, so drops in and no fotos ahahaaaa!! I am in this one though - you just need to find me :)))

Sunday. Gosh I love them. Even more so when I know I have monday off. yipppeeeeeeee xx

Day Two Hundred & Sixty

Had a busy day... and bought lots of shoes. Really high ones yaaaah

Listened to the end of the AFL game but didnt watch it. Dropped in and had a vino @ the kensi to catch up with some friends who had had several vinos watching the footy game ahahahaaaa and all round it was a lovely day :))

Quiet night watching old movies. Excellent!! xc

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Nine

OK, so today was a nice work day. Our designers have been working flat chat for us all year and so it was time to take them to lunch. We shared some laughs at the Oriental...

Woody and Carlos look like a Dolce & Gabbana couple ahahaaaaaaaa

I use Kwik Kopy in Norwood for our design and printing needs. They are excellent - Woody's design skills (and also Shane's) are excellent. They are excellent value and price... although every now and then I get caught out when i order report printing like this week ahahahaaaaa you forget that printing reports of 200 pages with multiple size pages in full colour dont necessarily mean a cheap run!! LOL

anyway - i still love them :) xc

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Eight

Relaxing at home tonight xc

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twitter Question

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Seven

5 + 7 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3


wow, how could it be.

it seems the world spins in things of three. three things happen for a reason.... they could be three bad things , three good things, three things made up of good and bad. whatever...

and here we are three... small part of a bigger me, but its the way we get family trees... ahahahaaaaa

PS: yes, sometimes i write to simply amuse myself - be humorous like my daughter and just say "yes, OK mum".


PPS: sounds like Amburger might start blogging again - watch this space - yaaaah

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Six

OK so yes i forgot to take the piccy today... been looking at houses and dealing with crazee questions and people all day - and no, not from Miss Talking Girl this time. Altho - her questions started up as soon as I got home.

Here's a biccy with cup of tea :))

the crazeeeeest scenario today - would you say this (and only this) on the last day of an exiting employee who has had her job restructured out from under her, considering she has worked patiently for the past six weeks as an exiting employee with you and who had just sent a fun exit email to colleagues:

"I don't understand or appreciate your flippant restructure comment. It's not productive or accurate."

i wouldn't. and i took complete offense to this CEO's response.

the fact he sent it as a one liner via an iPhone, with no formal signoff made my skin crawl. grrrrr

firstly - i saw the original email which wasn't too bad - it said something like "due to a restructure here and there, i have accepted a package". whooopppeee

to gain such a quick fired back negative response - which was cc'd to the HR manager as well - makes me feel like more sinister aspects are at play. And yet - hello, it was the employees last day? what was the next step - to sack her? goodness me.

considering eight years of solid employment has been struck off by a single one liner response and any goodwill has now gone out the window - the future starts with a bitter twist. so, what's wrong with a "thanks for your contribution, you have saved our arse on many occasions but our business directions are different and we wish you well with the future?".

such a poor response and a bad move.

email flaming was rife ten years ago - we all should take a deep breath before we send reactionary responses, count to ten and rethink. havent we learnt yet?

and there in lies the topic of another blog - facebook flaming - the new age. xc

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Fifity Five

the delightful elle... rave models who we rave about :)

i had a personal invitation to attend the buddy holly mayor welcome drinkies in the town hall... a lovely memorable occasion where a signed by cast & crew guitar was handed over etc etc... good fun nite xc

Day Two Hundred & Fifity Four

the gillies street markets have been going for a while now - all started and promoted via facebook from what i can tell... its a lovely day out on a sunny one like sundays :)

even managed to buy something for summer - yaaaaaaaaah xc

Sunday, September 20, 2009

reBlog from Charlie: DeadRedsWineGroup

*Information - Portrait of Robert Gordon Menzi...
Image via Wikipedia

I found this fascinating quote today:

... we find this amusing as the Dead Reds Five winner was in fact the 1958 version of Yalumba Galway Claret... on a road to bigger and better things and certainly not dead yet (ie to be named after Menzies).Charlie, DeadRedsWineGroup, Sep 2009

You should read the whole article.

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Day Two Hundred & Fifity Three

here's the man. finally full frontal. he's the one i am gonna spend rather a lot of time with for the rest of my life.

very happy with Mr B.

perfect springs to mind in fact. what an all rounder, all round. so - you hear it here first!!! let's go - bring it on, life's good!!! xc

Day Two Hundred & Fifity Two

Check out Penny. She's just discovered the map of Australia in her beer froth!! she's taking the snap as she reckons she'll make millions on eBay. hey - go girlie... why not!! I got a snap of it too but it's all hers. what a hoot!!! :))


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Fifity One

dilemma. had to access my work laptop in keswick and i was in pirie street. it was urgent. yah for the IT guys who hooked me up via their citrix gizmo and i could get to my laptop, use the software loaded on it - open all the files i needed and do the work that was needed. all in about five minutes.

a tad more sophisticated and easy than having to drive back to do it :))

not bad hey. gotta love the way technology is heading. :))


Day Two Hundred & Fifity

Our work internal business forums are quite useful to learn from across the business what various areas are focusing on and/or have produced.

this was one such meeting.

we generally have about half the company in attendance - around 100...

here i am with Jan our Team Leader for Network Reliability (so kinda important dude you'd say). i traveled to south africa last year as he's from there and we were recruiting... fun happy bloke who prefers living in australia for all the logical reasons!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Forty Nine (v2)

what's the best way to demonstrate the domestic side of life? a cup of tea for two please? a bit of film grain to make it look all fifties housewife??

Day Two Hundred & Forty Nine (v1)

what's the best way to demonstrate the domestic side of life? a cup of tea for two please? a bit of abstract - andy warhol style but not as coloured....??

Day Two Hundred & Forty Eight

This was a classic day. Outside i the sunshine taking fotos for a company who's transportable office was beig delivered and we all got a tad in trouble by the SafeWork SA inspectors. Fortunately we are all experts and so were quick to rectify the lack of orange vest (mine straight from the catwalk...) and hard hats when needed but I managed to get further into trouble as I remained with my high heels on... no safety boots. oops. i explained to the lovely man that the message was loud and clear and id never do anything like that again and he left me alone - kinda. well, i left the site LOL

it's for our good, so i cant complain. but what i thought was going to be a quick easy fotoshoot of 10 minutes turned into an hour n half of time plus inspector dramas eeeek. urgh.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Forty Seven

my beautiful niece has been made redundant from her day job. i actually say - yah - because she had lost her passion. she's a graphic designer and it had become fairly mundane. she worked for tourism SA... and whilst i know they can do some good work - they are still a government department with all the bureaucracy that goes with it.

well, she's off to freelance and ive been asked to mentor her. eeeek. i'm nervous - but it will be a lovely challenge :))) not so re her ... more for me ie to coach someone into a new business. sally's work is excellent - i am happy to refer her anywhere and to anyone. she is a traditional graphic designer but... more about sally's new business as we go... so stay tuned!!

in the meantime she's selling some tupperware!!! so, i had a partee. as you do. bought some plastic pots. so - if you need some, let me know!!! OK


Day Two Hundred & Forty Six

what on earth possessed me to agree to go rollerskating??? LOL ah yes, Ruby's birfday. well OK then LOL

so, here we are. i ended up flat out on my bum. very sore indeed - bruises everywhere... but ah well. it was a laff for sure!! xc

Day Two Hundred & Forty Five

if in adelaide in september the must see event is the royal adelaide show... and it's woodchoppers. i got to see one - the final >> a wham bam thankyou ma'am later and it was all over - about 30 seconds of fast fury!! loved it.

of course the rides are fun and yes, we did the yellow brick road... but for me this year, the wood choppers, the coopers drink / food area and chunky custard after-fireworks-show made it all worth it :))


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Forty Four

energy lunches powered by speeches switched my mind to high voltage thoughts and generated some movement which transpired into this posting.

Day Two Hundred & Forty Three

teamwork. im pretty proud to say we'll have a tour down under team this year - well... a group of guys at work going into the community ride part :)

Day Two Hundred & Forty Two

thoughts storyboards ideas conversation generates results. teamwork.

Day Two Hundred & Forty One

kids in the limelight.

to be frank im a bit grumpy and over sick kids today HOWEVER... if they are willing to smile for the camera - who am i to stop them. it's not this one who's sick - so bugga (this one was an easy smile i mean)... ahhaaaa xc

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Forty

fathers day... we had lunch @ brighton, MP3Cafe, where they advertised to "find us on facebook". so we did - and promoted and upped their fan base by about 50 punters. as you do. their salt and pepper squid is simply to die for. yummo!!!



Day Two Hundred & Thirty Nine

its saturday. we stayed home with sick ne to keep her company. still unwell. still not happy. still not breathing well. poor bella. xc

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Eight

work sponsors the ASO. so every now and then they come in and play for the employees. it's a hoot as we get to hear stuff... this time the Brass Zoo. they then let us have a go. to say i look bad when i play the trumpet is an understatement - i will post the blurred shots ahahahaaa

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Seven

boring work foto number 999.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Six

ahhhh being sick sucks. miss amburger (in the back) has been in bed all week with a really bad flu (can i go to the doctor mother? why, responds mother, so they can tell you you have the flu?)

anyway - she's improving and is up and about tonight but as you can see - camera shy and not happy about appearances LOL

wont be long and she'll be top notch again xc

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Five

princey's birfday... so the austrian / german / aussie boy celebrated at the local irish pub. as yuo do.

we all went along to make sure he had some fun teheheheee

unusual for a tuesday nite - but it was lovely to share a meal and laff with friends xc

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Four

big celebrations at work today. the ACR project has reached so many milestones we had a sign unveiling and some cakes :))

the guys behaved and had some photos xc

Day Two Hundred & Three

on our way to school and work we play. with toast and making us smile...

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Two

this is later in the nite, so i can officially declare this the next day. plus I still look OK, if not drunk... and id rather add one looking like this than the one of me mopping the foor 5 times from the after partee mess ahahaaaa

Day Two Hundred & Thirty One

Charlie's Crazy Hat Partee... this is the start of something BIG. it went off and there are STACKS of crazee fotos of fun, laughter and silliness. I have also never seen quite so many different styles of hats before EVER!!! craziness LOL xx

Day Two Hundred & Thirty

yet another work picture - this time it's the staff BBQ. It was a very fun afternoon with sausages and shaslicks and much merriment :))) xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Nine

Pain with technology... discussing technology... why do we have technology... oh that's right - so that I can do this. At home. Where I have a better version of microsoft and stuff that generally works LOL LOL LOL by tomorrow it will all fail because i have said this now to the universe. It will be my pay back LOL LOL LOL aaaaargh.... i love my works IT solutions - i really do :)) xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Eight

Staff meeting... xc