Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day Nine of the Twitter 365 Project, finished in time

i flopped on the bed as i had been running round moving, cleaning and sorting stuff since 7.30am this morning. i had even gone out and bought a new vacuum cleaner and done the whole house etc etc... so in my head i was being "miss french maid" but in reality i was hot n sweaty and knackered in a tee and tracky dacs!! LOL

always manage to chat online in between times though :)

i love that i can share my day with my friends, have a conversation etc, even when i'm busy. i carry my mobile everywhere... and i ping, twitter, plurk (well, via ping) and facebook from it. so i'm always in touch. and i like that. admittedly the plurk side is a tad one sided from the mobile - sorry guys... but i do check back in later.

i guess not everybody likes to be so accessible - but that's just me. sure there are private times and sure i don't share everything but that's important hey.

"the balance".

some will argue that i don't have it. i argue that i'm OK thanks. each to their own. xc