Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day Eight of the Twitter 365 Project, i'm in heaven

here we are at a new bar in the city, across the road from work. a few pals. a few laughs. life's on track :)

we had heard about the "happy hour" via Facebook. the pub being an old staple newly renovated, so seemed a good idea to check out. we went. no-one else did. but we shared a few laffs and drinks.

i guess at some point its ok to admit we're leaders. (bahahaaa tongue firmly in cheek there).

anyway - the group were like "WTF?" when i asked them to line up at the bar like this.

life's short :) xc


BuzzTart said...

you didn't mention that we used our time to catalogue the many ways men approach brothels... pretending they are just walking casually past hehe