Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Twenty Seven of the Twitter 365 Project, it's HOT

it's HOT. the heat has started. work is about to "go off" (probably literally too).

this is amanda from SA GREAT. we caught up to talk about sponsorship stuff (the corporate i work for sponsors the speakers in schools program they run).

it's a great program. they encourage under 35 year olds to talk about their careers and how they got to where they are today, to high school kids in years 9 and 10. the face to face interaction inspires "action" far quicker and easier than them reading about it on a website.


but why wouldn't they be more inspired this way. hearing first hand from some really interesting people and seeing for their own eyes that regular people can make an awesome go of it...

and it's for all those reasons we sponsor the program. grass roots support. we also hope that "maybe" we can inspire a few more young budding engineers into the system :))



Abimbola said...

Great post about a brilliant sponsorship program. Thank you for the post Charlie.

I know your sponsorship program and your speakers will inspire some of
the kids in year 9 and 10.

Oh, there's no "maybe" about it, you will inspire young budding engineers into the system. They just need someone to activate and motivate their imagination and passion...:-)

Thank you. Good luck with the program.