Tuesday, September 30, 2008

interaction with federal agencies in beauracratic times of terrorists

what do you do? so many people have asked me this week, why do i have to renew a passport that hasn't expired. and won't expire whilst i'm away. it's a really good question. apparently it's the rules and they must be obeyed.

so then, why do we have expiry dates?

no one has been able to answer.

on top of this, although i have 100% custody of my eldest child (teenager) as her dad lives in england, apparently the passport office doesn't accept or acknowledge this because it isn't in an agreement that is set out with a family court order.

may i point out here that the family court encourage you to make parental agreements WITHOUT their involvement... so we didn't.

i do however have child support agreements and it states i have 100% custody. the passport office didn't acknowledge this. even though i flashed it under their nose "it's here in black and white".

so, we have several government agencies we need to deal with to get a new passport finalised. none of them obviously talk to each other. and none support what the other requires.


they all did agree though that i couldn't take eldest daughter out of australia on her current passport. so, i have discussed, processed, chatted, met, signed, phoned, and interacted my arse off.

we might get our holiday in the end, but it will be delayed and it's cost me a heap of money.

so much for encouraging tourism is all i can say. boo hoo. xc

Sunday, September 28, 2008

interacting with photos

i remember when... i seriously can't believe i'm saying this but i do feel like i've been around an awfully loooong time - and i'm getting OLD!!! especially when we start talking photos and sharing. gosh, i still have PHOTO ALBUMS that these days are just too dusty and scary to bring out on display. hilarious really.

i remember when i used to manually create my HTML pages onto my website so that i could share my photos with friends. have to say - they just "looked" and unless there was a funny email that followed, not too much interaction happened. but then along came simple tools like Google's Picassa. Gotta love the ease of that.

however, i really am preferring today's world of uploading and sharing photo albums with friends and all the funny comments that follow. whether it be via Flickr (for the "nicer" shots) or simply FaceBook for all those crazy candid ones, it's such a better place and time to be in.

i wonder what will be next?

interacting with friends of friends

or even family. where do you sit? i know from experience there's a fine line between hooking up with friends of friends when you haven't personally met. it's an interesting dynamic that has emerged over time.

there seems far more sensitivity around hooking up online with a friend of friend or family member that you've not personally met, as opposed a complete stranger.

the hook ups are for the same reason, similar interests, games and chit chat... but there is a whole new world of complexities. i have occassionally treaded the fine line, but not often. that said, i have certainly made some awesome friends by NOT being shy...

far easier if they come to me in the long run though. hmmmm

Thursday, September 11, 2008

interaction with no connection

there was i on a plane. mobile phone off, laptop in bag. 14hr long haul ahead of me. and we're off.

but there's no connection. it's a dark plane, only music in my head, a few video's and documentaries later... sleeping passengers (at lunchtime) not talking. no interaction is going on at all aside from "would you like another water" "yes, i'd love to go pee 10 more times, sure".


the sudden panic that things wont go to plan. won't work when i land. won't be in hand. i have a moment. i must connect. i can't.

i write poems. i read. i watch TV (hmmmm). i cope.

what a world i live in. it's connected. except in the air. beware!! xc

interaction by (short) poem, two

with speed
a unique breed
of past tense

and security
a unique assurity
leaves me reeling


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charlie's Global Housewarming Partee

Originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966

Let's face it - this household is digital. Multiple laptops, cameras, mobile devices, websites, logins and friends who all do the same, when it came to the housewarming partee it didn't surprise me that everyone brought their camera.

The photos have streamed out in the hundreds since...

What did happen on the night (that I want to share) is something that might also just happen again. We web cam streamed live the partee to a bunch of friends overseas - so that they could join in. What a bunch of digital nerds we are!! But what a laugh also.

The first of many more to come - global partee's that is.

ps the picture includes @spotrick, @robynsharon, and @jimbob51

Monday, September 1, 2008


inspiration comes from everywhere
thoughts and ideas
looking at peers
its good for the career

inspiration comes from within
gut feelings
looking out for another
even as a mother

inspiration comes with love
from within
after looking into your eyes
with vision in the skies

inspiration comes from you
radiant laughter
clever witty conversation
the sun shone.