Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Fifty Six, out with the intranet chick

ahhh the joys of sorting out business systems. i did for ages @ australia post... rolling out (after designing) their customer management online system (another intranet based thingy - good techo term used there).

anne has the job of sorting it out for us. i'm glad it's not me this time :)

essentially though the corporate i work for has grown up quickly and has lots of "band aid" solutions... that leave gaps everywhere and dont all cut the mustard.

we're looking at sharepoint / MOSS... anyone got any views on these products? xc

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Fifty Five, this is the biggest room ever for a hotel in the middle of the outback, in a dive

seriously. i have just stayed in a twin share in melbourne with my (not so small) mother and it was a quarter the size of this room. obviously real estate isn't as expensive - and yet i hear housing prices in whyalla are astronomical?? crazy... xc

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Fifty Four, not a bore

meet amanda (again - she's been on here before), from SA Great - she's great... Amber Petty and Cosi from SAFM's morning radio show. i went to Whyalla in support of amanda's speaker's in school program (company sponsor's it) and these 2 extra characters turned up. of course there were a heap more people but i got the best funny shots with this lot.

the SA Great Speakers in Schools program is offered to schools all over the state. it features speakers (hence why amber & cosi were there), from a diverse range of careers and backgrounds. we also had heidi on the trip with us... and she's a marine bilogist from PIRSA's fisheries department.

one kid got REALLY excited when she found out she really COULD be called a fishologist...!! go figure. anyway.

these inspiring South Australians inform students about the vast range of opportunities available here in our state and encourage them to aim high to pursue their career and lifestyle goals. it's an awesome program, run by an awesome chick doing a stellar job - in a sometimes thankless environment... but... someone's gotta do it.

i go along to listen, enjoy the ride and see what else the company can be doing to help support the program... like today i set up a FaceBook page for them:

(contact is

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day Fifty Three, busy as a bee

just realised how much I had on my plate? as if i hadn't before, but it all came tumbling down today. chucked out a HEAP of work that i had been procrastinating about (basically because i hadn't had the time to process it).

chucked out - as in "did".

i guess we all need time to digest content, requests, suggestions and attitudes in order to make an informed judgment and successful outcome. the world travels at such a fast pace these days - and i'm not complaining as miss impatient here - but one thing i have learnt is the first immediate solution isn't always the best.

it is however the first "solution" that triggers a thought...

this thought spurs us into motion. and gets us going. there's been a lot of it going on lately. and it's feeling like we're on the right road... xc

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Fifty Three, its now just me

on this day for the past eight years i have sent out a little email to my friends. it goes like this:

Who do you wish to remember on February 23rd?

We have so many days for remembering war victims, people in disasters, terrorist attacks, workers killed on the job, and bomb blasts. All valid and all wanted.

The difference.

This day is a time to remember those moments in time enjoyed with people we love. Still love. Still alive or only in spirit, memory. To stop a second.

Just because.


Up to you if you do (the above) or not. It's my little thing to try and make a better world. To try and make people stop and appreciate what they have. Not that i never "didn't"... i did and do appreciate so so much. xc

PS the date confusion happens every year. i have been reprimanded many times. the 22nd is accurate. 23rd is when i learnt of my twin bro's death (why i remember that date so vividly. time to correct myself) :(


Ro said...


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Fifty Two, what a goo

i'm at my nephew's wedding... we're down @ the docklands in melbourne... so as you do - i have to mimic the kylie pose :) xc

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Fifty One, is he the one?

my date. hey, i'm off to melbourne tomorrow for my nephews wedding so it was nice to have dinner cooked for me. i'd dropped in to Maria's to give her some stuff and met a bunch of the other twitter's and people over for BarCamp, like Alegra... came home just in time to have my dinner cooked (as you do). xc

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Fifty, we're nifty

he started life as the biggest scare-dy cat i'd ever met... and now he's such a mummy's boy. perhaps cause he know i feed him... but he is an absolute SOOK these days. it's all v.cute xc

Day Forty Nine, I'm fine

This is the end of the night after the meeting - it was one for the Lion Kings Puppy xc

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Forty Eight, it's late

and i'm too busy!! LOL xc

ps relay for life AND dead reds all hitting the streets on the same weekend - and these are things i do for the fun of it. yeaks.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a brothers love

my meh day came tumbling out.

who says we should "move on" and get over loss? i have never really dealt with this concept and every now and then it still comes tumbling out. my meh mood. absolutely can't stop it. and i'm not gonna either!! i'm feeling fragile this week because it's the 7th - hmm or 8th (time... years... days... who cares) anniversary this weekend of when my twin bro Wade "left us". well - he didn't leave us quite so gracefully because he fell 60m down a cliff face.

he was meant to be out rockclimbing and had gone early to set up base camp. it was a friday nite and i was off to watch the Crows at AAMI Stadium (as you do). i said in passing that nite to my (now ex-) husband "there's something just not right about tonight".

little did i know at that stage just how wrong it all was.

some people have said over time "well at least he was doing what he loved"... "don't dwell on anniversaries"... "move on and get over it"... but seriously... AND SERIOUSLY i'll never utter those words to another human!! ever.

i have a family who love to pick "special dates". and so now both my niece and my nephew have this date (or a day or so before) as their wedding anniversary. how on earth CAN I FORGET THE DATE????? ack

but it's not their fault. my new best dress is hanging in the wardrobe to make the nephew proud on the weekend. my head is up. i just know for years to come rather than feel happy and celebrate like they wanted us too - to forget the date - i never will. sorry.

here's my meh tumble:

a brothers love

sharing secrets, adventures, water bombs, in the park, laughs, cross words and giggles. brothers are there. i remember so many special times with my brother.

he just happened to be my twin... so we were even closer than many.

sleeping outside under the stars in the "pup tent" when it was hot to chasing and racing each other on our bikes. on holidays away in the january school holidays we would disappear from mum and dad for hours. hours and hours of fun. doing crazy stuff, making other friends and just hanging out.

he was my protector, my rock.

he was smart, funny, good looking and one hundred percent completely arrogant some days. he had the capacity to frustrate the living hell out of me, like no other could. and yet - how could you be cross when he would flash his smile and off we would go laughing again...

he was always there.

and then he was gone. in an instant.

with no goodbye. just memories. 35 years of them. oh the memories are good but they will never replace or compensate. ever. but at least they are there.

then i look at my daughter. who has a brother.

sure he's a step brother but the ties are still there. who says you're not a real brother when you have a different mum?

ahhhh but she doesn't see him. at all.

adult custody complexities. she is missing out on making the memories. the childhood fun and bonding. the sense of being there for each other. because he's not there. and he could be. so easily. two adults just talk to each other, get over it and let it be. for the kids sake. unlike my brother who can never come back, my daughters brother can.

youth does not understand the length of life, and time. patience isn't in the equation. years are long. i know for sure she will one day again meet him, share stories and laugh. but this isn't compensation for now.

and what if his life too is cut short. what then?

Day Forty Six, pick up sticks

i'm laughing. amburgers sooo pleased as punch with herself cause she's getting better view stats on her fotos. i think it's awesome but she excited she's beating me. ha ha oh well, whatever tickles your fancy.

what tickles mine is the fact i am NOT doing homework. and she is. that's her in the background, hard at it.

i'll just chill out over another glass of wine and listen to some more music. awesome xc

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Forty Five, back in the jive...

we hadn't been out for a row since before christmas. the previous couple of regattas got canned due to heat. so this was our first for the year. and it was in murray bridge (for those that don't know - it's an hour drive... and we had to be there by 8am). we weren't. we were there by 8.30am!! LOL tut tut

anyway... adelaide high. black and white school colours - so i'm in my comfort zone re clothes :)

pretty much chilled all morning reading and eating and taking a few snaps. even popped into the township to check out the local mood. all nice. friendly. xc

Day Forty Four, i want more!!!

yet another nite out LOL

what else can i say? but we went to hear our friends Becky & Ian play @ the Astor. They are known (in this instance) as True Colours. Best singers... got us all up dancing, great vibe. Great nite. xc

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Forty Three, can it be?

my side walkway. not sure where i'm meant to walk though. house next door is so close. we're just checking council stuff "etc" and then we'll go for the jugular :) xc

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Forty Two of the Twitter 365 Project, look @ you!!

meet phil. or spaz. or whatever ya wanna call him really. as long as it's not late for his (tummy conscious) dinner.

phil is my web developer.

he created and for me (of course under my expert guidance LOL)

we're @ a coffee shop on unley road near his offices. and who runs it now - but maria!!! maria is Vito's sister. Vito runs universal wine bar - where i'm heading tonight (and generally have lived quite a few moments of my life these past years...). gosh. it's all quite connected this world isn't it.

this big wide web. xc

ps Phil's website is here: (edited and hopefully now works!!)

Day Forty One of the Twitter 365 Project, what a hun

my gorgeous girlfriend.

we have known each other since we were 13 years old.

we walked up to each other day one of high school and said "you'll do, will you be my friend?".

she was always the career chick and me the mum. we have role reversal these days - she has 2 young kids. she's pretty good though - she's the Director of Legal for Dept of Families and Communities - so i guess she's in a friendly family orientated environment and still managing the career LOL :)


Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Forty, being norty

webcams come in handy when you run out of time... xc

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day Thirty Nine of the Twitter 365 Project, it's fine

the change came through for Adelaide - awesome. relief. calm.

not so great for Victoria with raging bushfires tearing homes apart.

sending a special hug to all the paid and volunteer firefighters. brave souls. xxx(())xxx

our weather. completely unpredictable. sometimes great. sometimes not so. xc


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Playing with colour

P1050756, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

been playing with the picnik xc

Day Thirty Eight of the Twitter 365 Project, don't take a break

crap foto but we actually weren't meant to have our cameras in there... we were at the ASO with Roberta Flack concert. i took bruce for his birfday pressy.

the beauty of her voice is outstanding... and she's 73!!! so you go girlie - you ROCK. aaaaah the songs are all still in my head... "the first time... ever i saw your face..." "killing me softly with his song... "

the joy of being in the presence and listening to someone that great is something i pursue. maybe a bit of success will rub off on me. i felt the same way when I say the rolling stones in melbourne... david byrne (talking heads fame), and gosh - to many to list...

Rowan said to me yesterday "don't restrain yourself".

what we were talking about was how we, each of us, reach a level of success (our version of success anyway) and then almost relax ("yah i've made it" scenario)... but what we need to do is take the next step. pull ourselves up and go further - be MORE successful. hey - sounds simple. i did a heap of stuff a few years ago but one thing lead to another and freelancing got put on the back burner.

maybe it's time to reconsider. to take the next step.

but also - just to be still doing (well and more successfully) what i'm doing now til i'm 73... and obviously getting so much enjoyment out of it as well - well that must have been a good life hey. xc

ps will i still be writing this blog when i'm 73? that's another 30 years. i wonder where we'll be... WOW what a thought LOL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Thirty Seven of the Twitter 365 Project, legs eleven

Day Thirty Seven,, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

one of my besties, Antoinette. we take THE MOST fotos together EVER. we are camera whores... absolutely have a ball whenever she's around. we play.

she owns a GORGEOUS fashion boutique on King Willy Road in Hyde Park called Tuscany Hyde Park. I would simply adore to be able to afford the entire store but it's not possible LOL

so i admire her style and trends... and get advise :))

and she comes to me sometimes when she wants to talk online. i can be pretty frank and honest with her - so whilst i can't do the work (don't have time) i can at least help her cut through the crap she hears (and let me tell you i've heard it ALL through her).

people sometimes forget - or just dont realise - that online isn't as easy as it sometimes seems. there a hell of a lot of work,dedication and stamina needed... sure it's easy if you just want a pretty picture and a contact page... but if you want customers and drive through your website - there's just SO MUCH work involved. seriously.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Thirty Six of the Twitter 365 Project, its a pix

with a group of people who are helping witht he relay for life fundraising... hey we could almost call ourselves a COMMITTEE. whoohooo

let's hope we raise a whole HEAP of money for breast cancer xc

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

15 things about me. 15 people tagged. on FaceBook.

Rules (for FaceBook friends): Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 15 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 15 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 15 random things, tag 15 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)


my parents separated twice when i was a kid. i thought it was great because at christmas they would compete with each other over giving better presents.

i love my mum so so much. she is such a sweet innocent childlike person.

my mum was in a major car accident that killed the driver of the vehicle when i was 8. she lost 2 fingers and suffered quite a bit of body damage. she (mum) stayed with her mum for 3 months and we (kids) didn't see her. the driver was my mum's boyfriend and my "second dad". he was such a lovely man to my mum (and me).

i have never made my lunch for work.

my dad got parkinsons when he retired and only lived another 10 years. the supposed restful time of his life was fraught with illness. some say "pay back". he ate bacon and eggs for breakfast (cooked by my mum) every single day of his life. i suspect even when he was 8 months old (but maybe not cooked by my mum then).

i lived in sydney for nearly 8 years. i went over as the stepping stone to bigger things. but it taught me that "ideas" dont always pull off the way you intended. i moved back to adelaide. i LOVE adelaide. or "RADelaide" as we say.

my (first) ex-husband had custody of my daughter and took her to england with him when he went there for work. the agreement was 18 months. i didn't see my daughter for about 9 years. there are things i should have done in those 9 years. i should have, could have, would have... but i didn't. i thought i was doing the right thing at the time. we dont always get things right.

i have to have the radio volume set to an even number. i hate people touching me when i first step out of a shower. i like to be dry. i hate sweat with a passion. i have only one girlfriend who understands all this. and i am improving (relaxing about it). it is my challenge / goal.

my friends mean the world to me. the friends i talk about are those who have been in my life through EVERYTHING... my marriages, my deaths, my births, my development. me. my more recent friends are icing.

i live online. it gives me the feeling of acceptance. for so long i struggled with not fitting in. online i feel like i do. it's true. my prefernce isn't to reveal too much about myself generally!! why am i writing this? eeek

dyslexia is something i reckon i could have. but i always got A's for english and ANYTHING to do with writing, reading, spelling, etc. so go figure. obviously don't have dyslexia.

i have a small handful of exceptionally good friends. they have hung with me for years and years, through thick and thin, ups and downs. my unconditional lovers (without the kinky stuff).

have never been a fan of eating desert. prefer cheese & port.

i would love to own and run a centre supporting business owners in all things that "interact". let's interact. (dreams are made of these.)

it's good to dream. i do. and i even occasionally make things happen. the way they are meant to.

Summer Love, Sherbet

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 20 friends (make me #21 so I can see your results).
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

********* NOTE: to say I got a bit freaked by the iTunes random choice outcome is an understatement LOL... so, here goes:

Sunworshipper, Milo

Breathe, Telepopmusik

The Little Things, Colbie Caillat (Coco)

Aporia, Black Grass

When the war is over, Cosima

Nobody's Perfect, Madonna

The Night Owls, Little River Band

Loverman, Vassy

Ain't Nobody, Marcia Hines

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
My Heart's Desire, Angelus

In and out of love, Armin Van Buuren

Golden Skans, Klaxons

Lay it down, Flevans

Knights of Cydonia, Muse ( i reckon this one says it all in the music LOL)

Love at first sight, Kylie Minogue

Chelsea Dagger, The Fratellis

Inside, Bang Bang

Bob O'Lean (Play Paul Remix), Aloud

I'm so high, Kylie Minogue

Snakeskin, Gyroscope

Rain, Madonna

Summer Love, Sherbet


Day Thirty Five of the Twitter 365 Project, my little hive

here i am @ work surrounded by my family fotos. they go with me everywhere. my kids are just so so so precious. but you know i've been a workaholic for so long it took ages for me to learn a good work/life balance.

but i'm in my 40's now. and i reckon i'm there. i love my job - and pump 100% into it. but i love my family and the environment i create around me equally. and my kids don't just see a mum cooking and cleaning. no not this one. my home energy goes into organising events, catching up with family, friends and just being there.

i don't always get it right. but who does?

it pains me when family give each other grief. it pains me when friends can't be civil.

when once i would dive in and try and "rescue" or "sort it out", these days i bite my tongue (altho sometimes when i bite so hard it hurts i do have to say something LOL). (but i have learnt a few lessons on that front).

i have just accepted and come to the realisation that my energy is better spent on positive action, not issues and things to bog me down. like i said - i don't always get it right - but i do try. its like when things change in our lives. homes, relationships, jobs, friends, loves, clothes even...

my greatest earth friends say "OK, let's join the ride"... and i love that. if i could give just 10% of that attitude back to them, i will. hopefully they agree i give them the full 100%. well, at least 80% :)

i think its called unconditional love. and i LOVE it xc

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day Thirty Four of the Twitter 365 Project, on the floor

the things we do to get in (and take) a foto... rowan's car had to be put in for service, he needed a lift, i had to get kid to cubs, so he had to tag along, so he got in the foto. he's not all that impressed i don't think. but i think it's a hoot (obviously). this is my usual tuesday nite spot - fasta pasta.

we actually sat, ate and did a whole lot of talking and calendar planning for the Lion King Puppies Relay For Life team. The FaceBook Group is here :

As Rowan wrote/said to the group:
"The “Relay for Life” is held in 23 countries around the world and is the single biggest fundraiser in the world. ... so, just to clarify this whole LION KING thing, it all came about as a series of conversations and mucking about. I (Rowan) certainly do not have any illusions of this being “my project” – it just ended up that way. I want this to be EVERYONE’s project. Having said that I am committed to the whole cause, especially things like charities involving children, AIDS, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer and homelessness (which in 1st world countries usually involves Mental Health issues)...."

Me being involved (charlie) has been inspirational. Rowan is just so dedicated to making a difference. He has BIG plans... and I'm excited to be able to take part. It will all take place (the walk) March 28, 2009 at Santos Stadium in Adelaide... so if you want to be involved, let me know!! xc

Monday, February 2, 2009

For those disappointed not to see Day Thirty One

here tis...

Scary... 80's rock chick has a parteeeeeee... it's called "Countdown". This ended up being the countdown to the hangover :)) and hence why Day Thirty Two was commented as "recovering". xc

PS i didn't take this photo (it's thanks to Dana)

Day Thirty Three of the Twitter 365 Project, look @ meeee

i read a really interesting article about personal branding today @ work... here's the link:

i posted it to FaceBook as well.

in amongst my posted items on FaceBook at the time of reading this article were pictures from a partee i held on the weekend, links to other stories like the one above, links to my blog & Flickr, messages and interesting items that i've also commented on. an assortment.

i had to double take (and laff) - because here was me sitting in the office in my brand spanking new uniform, aligning myself to the corporate brand (i maintain!!), whilst looking at fotos of me in a rock chick (70's) outfit carrying on like a pork chop at a partee.

i did find it curious the double life i lead amusing, it gets sooooo intertwined c/o said web. xc

Sunday, February 1, 2009