Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Twenty Four of the Twitter 365 Project, dressed up and out the door

OK, so the past couple of days have been a tad busy. Last night I met up with the Adelaide Bloggers Group and we shared laffs together over dinner... then i went on out and met a group of friends at a favourite pub. Then today I'm off to a wedding of a girlfriends i've had for years. we used to work together... and now she"s settling down with her fella and they will live happily ever after.

True romance. Love it.

so, i will take lots of fotos (at the wedding). But i did't think i'd have time to share a foto to the Twitter group when i got home, so here's the contribution i included for today - me at the hairdressers!!

and what was i doing whilst my hair was processing? facebooking.


we are such a captive audience whilst in the chair. i remember talking to my previous hairdresser about their website (...who managed the salon as well - but now manages her dad's wine bar so cant do my hair!!)... and she asked me "how often would you update a hairdressers website?

and i said, every 6 weeks. follow the haircut cycle. of course we're all on different cycles but typically we touch a hairdresser that often. so - to stay fresh it seemed logical.

of course with the influx of social media - i'd change that again and create a fan page on facebook and have clients upload their fotos to show off their "latest cuts" etc. what better way to show off how well you look after your clients and what you do - but more importantly - how happy the clients must be!!

you know, i'll take this concept one step further... and id do it for any retail outlet. clothes especially. fans uploading fotos of themselves in outfits purchased from your store. what GREAT publicity. let the clients speak for you...

seems pretty logical to me :))