Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty Four

is silent today xc

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty Three

windblown but hapi :)
girls chatting about life, the universe and friendship.
new beginnings. old.
crazee times. juicy.
keeps it interesting :)))

Three Hundred & Twenty Two

Picture 814, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

Dear Universe,
What do you have in store for me?
Where would you like me to be?
How do you intend to tell me?
Who will see?
When. Oh when can I be me?
Love from Charlie

Friday, November 27, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty One

miss amburger is off to a partee... xc

Three Hundred & Twenty

the start of a celebration for the corporate. a major milestone completed in the project so lets let our hair down :) xc

ps im here with carlos

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Three Hundred & Nineteen

amber receiving the sub school manager award and the english miss poynton prize!!! whoohoooo at the school to see her collect it :)) xc

Three Hundred & Eighteen

me and my girl xc

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three Hundred & Seventeen

yep. that's me. eeek xc

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three Hundred & Sixteen

my flute.
being dusted off for my daughter.
a quick tune.
noise soon.
hope you live in a different quarter xc

modern day graffiti

i have been bleating on for years that your website is your piece of real estate, online. it's been the best way for me to explain it. these are the highways we all travel along, hoping the road also brings a customer to our door.

this is still true - but it's far more complex.

social websites have created more highways, more ways and you are far more visible. and that makes you far more vulnerable.

if we consider the giants for a moment - telstra, macdonalds, bonds, and vegemite recently to name a few... if these guys ever step out of line with their public, the public soon let it be known to them (think major brand having to pull a product off a shelf because of public backlash). therefore customer service is premium however they would still regularly take a battering. the response from the public comes in via word of mouth, letters to the editor and more recently via social media. the power of the community voice is only just being realised and unleashed (ie we have just begun).

so, when this translates to a small business, what does it mean to them? well, - you are right, the same can happen. a small business may not have been the target of a letter to the editor previously, however they may have had their retail shop front vandalised, a window broken, a paint smattering because someone has taken offense and the law into their own hands or simply been the subject of malicious gossip (WOM).

the modern day graffiti is of course a combination of malicious gossip, comments via our facebook statuses (that only friends see sure... however...), talking (word of mouth is still the almighty powerful), to setting up facebook groups, blogging, etc etc etc.

so, be careful, if you are online in business remember you are at all times vulnerable.

why do you think politicians dont allow you to write on their wall? i disagree with this by the way? is it because they are afraid of the questions that may be raised? or simply they are too lazy to answer?

why do you think there is a facebook group called "Real men don't cheat on, lie to, or abuse woman" that you cant write, contact, upload a foto or do anything with? It has over 604,000 fans so its name alone has inspired something (i dont mind that you cant interact with that one... it's purpose is there as a statement only).

so, think about what your business is. consider when setting up a facebook group that you allow access as appropriate. interaction is not just about the good... its the whole picture, good with the bad, honest with the not-so and you should be willing to respond and answer everything. otherwise - why do you have that wall open for business?

happy to interact...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three Hundred & Fifteen

my life is a fone conversation at the moment. i am doing lots of it. some of it awesome and chirpy with friends, some of it healing, some of it hard and some of it would be better if it was face to face so i could see the eyes.

and some of it just shouldnt happen.

but that's the current trend or thread of whats going on. my current journey. i dont feel we as humans have any real say in what the universe has in store for us. in fact i think a lot of it has to do with lessons and being a bigger person. these are the hard lessons that we hate, get upset by and dont wish upon our worst enemies, let alone ourselves (gosh we are all selfish after all).

ive talked about the subject of online being "unreal" many many times. ive said we know in our heart if something is right or wrong and we dont need a status or a picture or a game being played online to know what's what, and what's real. its true, we all say some funny shit up here - gosh listen to me why dont you - but when you ask yourself "would that person have said that face to face, looking at you in the eye?", well that's when you will understand.


Three Hundred & Fourteen

we planned this months and months ago - in fact when i was still plurking. a roast dinner at charlies. rantz was in town and we were all getting together. they had held various events all weekend for him in fact bt it was shame he had his holiday cut short and so couldnt stay long enough to enjoy a roast !! never mind.

it also coincided with @monnie's cup cake camp, which was during that day... so we ended up with a smaller crowd (quite happy about that though to be frank).

anyway, we chatted about things you do at a reunion (of sorts), had a few reds, some nice food and a few laughs. it was a lovely evening. xc

Three Hundred & Thirteen

a ball with fun. a ball with class. a ball to let you hair down. i survived the speeches, the auction, the food, and my beautiful girlfriend being swept off her feet all night and got home safely having won a dinner out in one of the raffles. woot woot.

have had a tough week (month) not knowing what is going on in my personal relationship. one day things look OK and the next it's all gone pair shaped. friday nite the straw that broke the camels back happened. and there was an atomic reaction amongst my group of friends. i sinned and wrote on a persons facebook fan wall when I shouldnt have and various other things happened that I wont go into here - but lets just say it got messy. i got three hours sleep.

my close friends have been there for me for this past month whilst all this has been going on. it's been hard. i havent done anything like this before AND im learning a lot (more) about myself and what I will tolerate (and what I wont) but i'm human and i have a history and i have "ways". it's what makes me - and it's what makes me unique. i can only apologise for so many things... my best friends accept me unconditionally and with no strings attached.

i do know for example that people have triggers. i have an EXCEPTIONALLY BAD trigger when a person uses the "C" word. in fact - on Melbourne Cup day a friend discovered how bad when i tipped a glass of wine over his face (it's OK, he tipped on back).

I also have discovered a trigger for when I think a person is cheating on me. I dont react well. so, knowing this - what do I/can I do to help myself? fix myself? stop myself being "triggered?. well, it's a good question.

what seemed like an exceptionally poor form scenario ended up being far more innocent than intended. but then the question begs, why not be upfront and let me know? and that's where i have the problem and the trigger and things go pear shaped.

maybe someone would like to counsel me who is an expert? from what ive sen though, even experts dont get it right. in fact they get it very very wrong. so, i guess we are all human. what do you think? xc

Three Hundred & Twelve

Keep SA Great.

We attended the SA Great ball on friday night. I attended for work - and did so because the last one that I went to was simply stunning, amazing, gobsmackingly great.

This one wasnt.

[i have now deleted the original comments that i made about the CEO of SA Great's outfit from friday nite and apologise for upsetting her.

now... the rest of the comments within this blog are a personal view only. yes, i appreciate a lot of you know who i work for, however this is my personal blog and i am entitled to a personal opinion - just like you are entitled to wear what you like. thankyou].

**this blog post was hacked and so deleted.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Hundred & Eleven

staff multicultural luncheon went well.
heaps of food eaten, lots of national dress worn, music was made and speeches were said. the company has over a third of staff born elsewhere (from adelaide)... and so it was time to celebrate. the day was a success xc

Three Hundred & Ten

Three Hundred & Ten, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

skies light with thunder.
lightening strikes.
with all its might.
scaring the cats.
rat a tat tat, two men on their back.

sorry to hear about the guys in the classic adelaide today. sorry to hear about the bushfires. crazee weather, people breaking up, the world is a mess. we need to focus on our best.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Hundred & Eight

Miss JM was knackered cause she'd been on a school camp - collected shells, learnt how to surf (not as easy as knee boarding apparently as there's nothing to hold on to) and generally had a good time even though the camera battery ran out on her.

We stopped into the pub on the way home to have a counter meal so that mummy didnt have to cook and then we scooted home.

All simple stuff. All easy. All the joys of life.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Hundred & Seven

on grey days all we can do is wait.
on grey days we eat salad on a plate.
on grey days we be patient when others are late.

well sometimes.

on grey days we stare at the cameras eye.
on grey days we wonder why.
on grey days all we can do is sigh.

and be brave.

on grey days we know they wont last.
on grey days we know it will become past.
on grey days we want it fast.

blue. clear. green my dear. give a little steer, not off the pier but over here where's its yellow, purple in the corner of my mind, i just need a sign. xc

Three Hundred & Six

Three Hundred & Six, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

i dont want to go home. xc

Three Hundred & Five

Three Hundred & Five, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

water. water skiing.
relaxed. just being.
friends. just belonging.
smile. never leaving.
you. hearts singing.

Three Hundred & Four

Three Hundred & Four, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

my best friend in the whole wide world. xc

Three Hundred & Three

hapi wedding David :) xc

Three Hundred & Two

Three Hundred & Two, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

a memorymakingmoment captured when i received my gift.

friend jaynie has just started a new business creating "unique" and "boutique" styled events for others. so, if you want to propose under the eiffel tower - well, they will bring it to you so you can... for example. they do hens nights and kids partee's and you name it - if you want something different i'm sure jaynie will find a way and will make it happen :)

it's a great idea - certainly puts the fun back into event management and turning it - like the name says - into a memory making moment!!

hope it goes well :) xc

ps they have a website and are on facebook - so give them a look up

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Three Hundred & One

Three Hundred & One, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

For a company full of blokes we certainly have quite a few females these days... and then we all went and sat in a row. v.cute really... all giggling away - as you do!!

Todays presentation was on leadership by a man who is top of his league - ie Anthony Toop (of Toop and Toop Real Estate fame for those not in SA). It was excellent however I had to leave after the first 20 mins as I was due at a SA Great, Speakers in Schools presentation myself. We did 2 talks at Annesley College on career and energy and the next generational challenge.

So, gosh golly gee me. I went from leadership is being a black sheep, lonely, front runner thinking, passionate, informed go getter to stay on your journey, think about how you react / act / respond... always with manners.... to... well what is going to happen in the next 40 years? Think about it, in the next ten we will run out of the resources we have come to depend on. So, this next generation of school kids, and me (ME!!!)(YOU!!!) has to work out what we are going to do to make sure we have enough water, food, energy, compassion in our souls to actually just survive.

Oh, and some of those kids in the classroom today probably want to get their L Plates in something that resembles a car? It was quite a sobering presentation in the end... but valid, frank and very inspiring from my point of view.

So, a day full of inspiration.

I also learnt that to have patience, to stay calm and to respond in the most appropriate way that you know how is the best course of action in any situation. i dont always and have found this sad / hard / deflating / but harmonious. It's true I had something to inspire me... I have been living by this saying for the past few days and it has served me well: people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours ~ Wayne Dyer

Three Hundred

Three Hundred, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

You'd be laughing your head off too if you'd taken fotos of yourself for the past 300 days straight. Talk about finding it hard to keep it interesting!!! LOL

I got grief tonight because I wouldnt go to a twitter meet up @ a pub - well I'm an onliner... and onliners are generally computer nerds and this little black duck is even more so when she has kids at home. It's my sanity remember!!

That said, I like to get out too - but let's co-ordinate better next time xx

Monday, November 9, 2009

Two Hundred & Ninety Nine

just got home and am brushing the teeth and checking my status at the same time, as you do!! so snapped a piccy cause i forgot to do one at the BBQ!! too busy having a fat time.

what a hot day. work air-con broke down and so we have this makeshift thing that doesnt do anything so by this afternoon was nearly feinting it felt so bad. the guys all told me i looked horrible and to go home (gee thanks). but i did.

fresh air sorted my head and i was fine again.

make you appreciate it. xc

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two Hundred & Ninety Eight

apparently hats are in for boys... i like the look - so go for it i say!!! i borrowed this one to take the piccy (teheee so no, it's not a girls hat!!).

ready for summer!!! xc

Two Hundred & Ninety Seven

dont ya just love malls? bludy people everywhere... with big stuffed animals with people inside doing stuff for kids... ahhhhh LOL xc

Two Hundred & Ninety Six

have to admire this scene; a mum, stepmum, dad and stepdad (not sure if they're all officially called that, but we'll go with it) all in the same picture, all having a "fat time" as Kazzy would say. that's pretty good in this day n age. i know with my own (ex's) ive had years of hurdles and issues and whilst things are more harmonious and cruisey these days i wouldnt be caught dead out "socialising" with them!! nor they with me. at one stage i would most certainly have considered it as i dont break up with bad feelings but life has just never given me this road.

maybe one day xc

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Hundred & Ninety Five

a picture tells a thousand lies. xc

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Five

the day after when im feeling a tad poor ... no sympathy please - this one was self inflicked :) xc

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Four

the day went well but we all did get a bit excited in the end. no winners in the group but lots of grinners. rachels team modeled well and i met an old friend / hairdresser from 16years ago!!! we caught up on lots of gos, grabbed business cards and know where i'll be getting my do styled next!! love her work... and used to do makeup etc for her... ahhhh those were the days LOL

so this is just one of many fotos... i did a blow by blow account and sent them up to flickr immediately... that was a bit of a hoot :) xc

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Three

look @ me - i have the daughters phone

bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hmmm

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Two

my daughter put a flower in my hair, with genuine care, and a touch of flair.

great late afternoon catch up with old friends down at glenelg (the beach) where there was wall to wall people on a hot spring day xc