Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Twenty of the Twitter 365 Project, conversation a plenty

i run and manage a wine group / club. it's called the "dead reds". so it's all about old wine... so tonight was the first meeting for the year and we focused on ground rules to take it forward. the characters in the back were there to lend a hand...

this is the group:

and the blog:


Red wine is for drinking, not keeping at the bottom of the wine rack for that special occasion. Well, maybe it was originally but now it's just too embarrassing to show off (or take anywhere).

This group has been formed to celebrate the dead reds in our cellar. We'd like to thank them for their wonderful contribution into our lives. We'd then like to drink them and to share their glory (if they haven't gone off that is!!).

So crack open that red, give it a tasting and then share the news with the rest of us. How old can that bottle go?

Here's the next event details:


See ya there :) xc