Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Nineteen of the Twitter 365 Project, not seen

i've been @ home with youngest today... couldn't get vacation care yadda yadda... but have ended the day online, chatting and commenting furiously against people's "status'" updates, the latest craze. such a laugh.

note: the foto this time is me hooked to my music, mobile close by, in front of my PC. love it... (excuse the no makeup etc.. sorry!)

anyway... commenting... it started a while back with the new FaceBook application "Status Shuffle". we've always had a bit of a laff with our status' but this just took it to another dimension. the double meanings and jokes have come out in spades.

i'll be curious to see if it takes over the Twitters, Plurks and FriendFeeds over time... it will need to become more sophisticated to achieve this - BUT - never say neva :))

so,. i'm watching that space xc

ps i'm so honoured to have Mashable subscribe to my FriendFeed today. I was literally "stunned".


Shelley Heath said...

I would not be surprise if FB took some of the audience away from Twitter and Plurk, especially considering their instability. Also with plurk once you reach 100 karma you have proved yourself somewhat and they have no advancement on that. Also I like the fact that with FB you are not limited to 140 characters.
Only time will tell

JimBob51 said...

A lovely photo - status threading is becoming quite the communication channel on FB

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, looks like Facebork is seeing a bit of a renaissance. I pretty much ignored it for weeks while obsessed with plurk, but have been revisiting lately. I still like the real-time conversational aspect of plurk, but FB too has its pluses. Wish they had emoticons though (rofl)

And with or without makeup, you're just as gorgeous! :)

Charlie Robinson said...

thanks for the feedback guys... let's watch this space - i know we'll be right there trying it out first if it does improve :)) xc