Thursday, August 27, 2009

FaceBook Number 3


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

very useful website right now


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Yeah – its no longer called social media – it’s just part of life


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[Charlie says...] Day Two Hundred & Twenty Seven

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Seven, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

chicky number two is getting ready for her first rock performance tomorrow night at the entertainment centre.... ooops well, actually... she's being a turtle in a 7 minute performance. LOL

it's all good / fun. she's excited :) xc

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Day Two Hundred & Twenty Seven

chicky number two is getting ready for her first rock performance tomorrow night at the entertainment centre.... ooops well, actually... she's being a turtle in a 7 minute performance. LOL

it's all good / fun. she's excited :) xc

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Six

Day One of my Diploma in Business and who's big mug was up in the foyer... our HR Managers :) that JB himself in the background. Quite impressive shot, nice spot.

Day One was all about Workplace Information. It reinforced and cemented a lot of what I already knew, so now I just have to do the assignment.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Five

so, the daughter amburger is doing the 40 hour famine which isnt a famine (as you can see she's drinking a cup of tea), it's a "she isnt allowed to see for 40 hours".

it means she cant use technology, cant cook for herself, cant do pretty much anything.

a teenagers heaven. a mothers.... "OK, see ya i'm off out again..."

she made it. she raised a heap of money. so, now we can all go back to normal. kinda... oh yeah - there's kids still starving in the world. bugga. well... we will just have to remember this as we live each day xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Four

how many fotos have i now taken where its me holding the camera to get the shot? i've become expert. it's interesting watching others learn what i have had to ie how to hold ya head, look at the camera and not appear too lopsided and awkward... well, i think i have achieved this. some might say otherwise. xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Three

look who we ran into out and about. a footy star. actually he's the sort you wouldnt want to do that to literally cause his bad boy reputation might make you think he'd snot you one for doing it LOL

on ya Barry xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Three

fumo blu talking footy... then...


22/08/2009, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

Ray eating bacon... first time in two years due to self imposed "dont be mean to pigs " stance... he could eat this bacon from Wild Thyme in Melbourne Street as they are farm roaming green grass loving happy pigs... vegetarians would still disagree but hey.

can i just say though - the food tastes amazingly good and better !! bring it on xc

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Twenty Two

camp quality quiz nite at the national wine centre. an absolute fabbo nite - even if it was done on a bad cough / cold and had me suffering for my sins the next day. in all honesty i should have had monday off, as my cold was at its worst then - the "keep going at all costs attitude" doesnt always work best when we are sick. a lesson for me... xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty One

summer sun here we come. hair up. tan. yah. must remember not to get burnt - that's boring and hurts - let alone the consequences are bad... ive already had one skin cancer removed and have many friends with many more than that...

but i do love the beach and am looking forward to it immensely. xc

Day Two Hundred & Twenty

I got sunday and monday nite pictures mixed - but you get the drift... this is chill out mode. again!! xc

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Nineteen

day one of "how to write" seminar / training class... interesting. there are some things i do really really well and others i have completely stuffed up. i guess im not perfect so i constantly learn. it would be a sad world if we all stopped learning hey?

and in this instance i learnt all i needed to know from "chad". the american from skillpath. he was such a dramatic actor - he made learning all the ins and outs of english that i should have remembered from matric, fun.

but it's all good. turns out a lot of what we do is actually legacy stuff and we should STOP. so if i learnt it way back when, well it probably no longer applies anyway!!!

like Dear Madam.

i did have to laff at this one.

in chad's own words - how many of you conjur up a completely different image these days when the term "madam" is used.


my mind went straight to the gutter. so his recommendation is to not use. in fact these days the style is apparently far more informal, consice, and succinct.

i will keep it in mind. xc

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Eighteen

Hapi Birfday Maria - we did polish style fun... vodka shot anyone? xc

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventeen

lunch with Mia turned into a guided tour of parliament house. with me in the speakers chair.

well - when in rome, do as the romans do? yes??

i am hoping this wasnt too disrespectful!!?? please forgive if it was... but we did have a laff... me and Miss Mia xx

Day Two Hundred & Sixteen

here we were - Carlos and I - out to lunch celebrating his one year at work... and we bumped into jason. we love jason. he's cool.

but the classic of the day was he (jason) got so distracted that he did a runner on his bill. i had to pay his tab. ahahahaaaaa we are still laughing. him all the way to the bank. LOL xc

Day Two Hundred & Fifteen

We had a workshop in the boardroom - organised by mwah - to discuss with Ergon Energy (part distribution and part transmission in QLD) how we all handle community consultation and communications. It was an interesting discussion. QLD have a far more active community voice - maybe cause they havent ever really got it right ... but they are trying to improve. We've had some successes - so anyway, they came to chat to us about that. What to do better. It's an ever evolving, learning world where people want to know more, understand more, learn more and have a bigger say. It's all for a better planet and result. xc

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Fourteen

my babies and me... making beds, giggling and playing staks on... when it all comes together it's a hoot. nice feeling. xc

Sunday, August 9, 2009

charlie talks about status updates

Charlie Helen Robinson shares what becky says "what matters is what "is"..." xc

Harry Ballzak says "... and don't take it for granted, that what you think "is" ... is the same as what other people think "is" is."

charlie helen robinson says "good morning globe" xc

lets keep it simple.

status updates are surely a new way of communicating in their own right? we have laughed frequently about people using twitter to send out to the globe some of the most meaningless pieces of trivia ever written or known to mankind. And yet, whilst we have this capability, we don't use facebook in quite the same way. but... we do use the status update to, well... update. that said, facebook is quite unlike twitter in that you dont need to update as often to remain "seen". thank goodness. i personally believe therefore that this is making it a more powerful tool. with more impact.

lets think about that impact.

we all have a laugh with our updates. sometimes we get serious. other times we offer advice or news or promote something. we occasionally add a throw away line because that's the mood we're in. then other times we use it to send hidden messages to someone in particular. we catch ourselves having a giggle with those "in the know".

so, if i change my status to "charlie helen robinson thinks people should mind their own business", my work colleague might think "eeek, i should never have trawled through her tagged fotos cause it's none of my business what she does after hours", my friend might have thought "oh charlie's got the sh*ts on with xyz" or that friend of a friend might just think...

lets consider that.

after many months/years socialising online its easy to recognise that its still a learning process for all - including me. and in the big scheme of things is it really worth writing a status update that will or quite possibly hurt another? mostly unintentionally but sometimes deliberately.

we are all human, we all do feel and sometimes this will spill over to a status message etc and a reaction. i say again, we do it mostly unintentionally.

consider that the comment ("charlie helen robinson thinks people should mind their own business") could have been very innocent ie i could have been directing it towards my neighbour who i see peeking over the fence? hey - it sounded fun... surely?

perhaps next time i could have written "charlie helen robinson just saw her neighbour peeking over the fence".

now, that may sound too politically correct or even confrontational (especially if my neighbour was a friend on FB and saw) - i'm not saying im innocent here... but it is something to ponder, consider and adjust ways. do you agree? i will.

the age old quote "if you have nothing good to say - say nothing at all" comes true. you have the ability to leave your status blank if need be.

"charlie helen robinson says i love you all, even those with flaws, because i know you love me and mine". xc

ps there are some people who will have the guilts for the worlds sins -- there's only so much you can do!!

Day Two Hundred & Thirteen

sunday lunch with friends. chilled. xc

Day Two Hundred & Twelve

Has such a big day. Aside from mowing the lawn and all the domestics, had to pull off the work dinner I'd been working on. So, from 5pm til 10pm that nite i worked my little arse off. I'm actually finally home in my snuggles (and not long from bed zzzzzzz)

The dinner went really really well - all the ministers turned up and there was only one VIP guest casualty... so i gotta be happy with that!! :)


Day Two Hundred & Eleven

I finally met the delightful Elle face to face (she's with hubby Enzo). Facebook connected us originally, as has happened with a lot of my friends.

We were @ uncorked, which is a fabulous venue for these types of functions (if not a little too warm after a wine ).

Gotta expect this - it is social media after all and social cant ALL be done online. Can it?

LOL (no!!) xc

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Ten

had a nite of art exhibitions and 80's disco things going off... lots of fun so i forgot my foto again LOL this is becoming the norm - i seem to be distracted. hmmmm

anyway, instead of just present a tacky mobile fone version, i did my own SALA festival edited piece of art... here's my watercoloured face!

enjoy the festival :) xc

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Nine

the adelaide network.

it's a gathering of cross industry women who meet monthly to share knowledge, experiences and give support. many connections and business deals are made - as well as friendships. it's been going for 9 years and was started by Tania Pradun who is proudly and excitedly looking forward to their 10th birthday next year.

i was involved years ago - and am considering rejoining.

last nites session was a lesson in media management by the one and only leila henderson. leila owns and manages the "newsmaker" service (which you need to check out as it's the only service where the news is indexed by google immediately - way cool).

i helped the session with a few personal examples and scenarios and i learnt some stuff as well - so all in all an excellent couple of hours spent with some really lovely women :)


Day Two Hundred & Eight

forgot my foto. i'm in bed. it's dark.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

just hit level 5 on thesixtyone! -

Day Two Hundred & Seven

day off.

gotta mow me lawn, but first choofing the kid off to school. this is the bakery stop for breakky. she loves doing this. makes her feel special - but heck, its just a finger bun? i think she likes mummy time. especially when she can play with my mobile fone - which she did to capture this delightful picture of me in dags with bed hair!! ahahaaaa


Day Two Hundred & Six

charity fundraising queens for the day (at the variety lunch) ended up being 2 10 yr olds (near enuf age) who after being offered some lamingtons, decided to sell them... plus a few more and raised $256.40 (near enuf for the story).

im sure they are available for hire (ie the 2 10yr olds) ahahaaaa


just hit level 4 on thesixtyone! -

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Five

perfect chair for any occasion?

what to do in the middle of a small country town when waiting for others to finish browsing... find the perfect chair... and pose for the camera.

of course.

Day Two Hundred & Four

big thanks to chateau tanunda for sponsoring our first dead reds in the barossa... we promise to come back next year!! awesome wine, venue, people, hospitality and all of it... loved it :)) xxx

ps more news & wrap ups about the nite soon... but the dead winner was a Basedows Claret Vint 1975

Day Two Hundred & Three

having a slack day here with another web cam - apologies. actually it's a slack week. a few more things happening than what i bargained for. including the work dinner i'm organising which is a bit of fun but also fiddly.

hopefully i will get more into this again soon... im having a lull i guess!! :) xc

Day Two Hundred & Two

me getting ready for the next dead reds event again... busy busy busy :) xc