Thursday, December 31, 2009

01/01/2010:: Twitter365

its new years day, im knackered and had a shocker of a start to the day. my ex-hubby was rushed to hospital (will be silent as to all the ins and outs and whys) and the girls were quite upset by it all... and i was knackered... but we managed to sort it all.

did i mention i am knackered LOL

Three Hundred & Fifty Seven

it's officially 2010 but i havent slept yet so im going to say this still counts as 2009 LOL.

do you do that? if you havent slept it's not the next day yet?

anyway,. so i'm not stopping this project but my numbering will change tomorrow. it's been a great experience. have certainly learnt a lot about myself and made some new friends who are also doing it and just generally had a great time. some moments have been challenging ie to expose my feelings to the world, to share some real pain and to have to own up to some really bad days. but in all... it's been enjoyable. my daughters have been behind me and i love their support, my friends all get involved and we've had some real snorting laughs at getting the fotos and of course ive been able to help promote a few things along the way to help friends as well - so we all get something out of this...

here's to bringing in 2010. it's going to only get better!! xxx

Three Hundred & Fifty Six

new years eve. quiet one with close friends. we've all had a biggie year so decided to have a chilled / relaxed / quiet one at mine to end it.

goodbye 2009 xc

Three Hundred & Fifty Five

out and about, spent the evening on a great balcony overlooking the city lights, right through to the beach / bay... soooo nice :)) xc

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Three Hundred & Fifty Four

chicky babes on the social (media) scene... about time they got onto my daily blog :))

big sunnies, big hats, big smiles on the dial
glass of wine, bite to eat, no need to watch the time
bintang at the back, sunset coming, lets wait a while...
ooooh, is that the time... so fast, what a crime.

til next time... xc

Monday, December 28, 2009

Three Hundred & Fifty Three

finally adult fun... with kids in tow tho. the polish festival in elder park. great arvo... lots of beer and sausages and pickles... oh - and pol dancing LOL

Three Hundred & Fifty Two

ah, what to do when one kid goes off the rails and the other one needs amusement. you go get coffee... and a movie. yeeeeeeah xc

ps this is the one that got the movie

Three Hundred & Fifty One

tired tired tired tired

did i tell ya i was tired? xc

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty Nine

@ the pub with friends winding down... well until the alarm system went off and in a mad panic i had to leave and make sure my house was all OK... sharp sudden quick ending to a fabbo arvo :( ah well... xxc

Three Hundred & Forty Eight

christmas eve work drinks... here are the boys - business development, customer service and finance... what a crew :)) xc

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty Seven

kids kids kids... ahhhhh it's christmas time xc

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty Six

bit daggy i know - was watching / listening / reading this:


Monday, December 21, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty Five

my girlfriend opening the latest n greatest store in design "stuff". RG Madden. bought a few things, had a sav, met the owner and then shot off for some noodles. very pleasant evening all round.

i recommend checking it out for last minute chrissy pressy's - seriously!! in victoria square. cant miss it, cant go wrong.

right, so now i have to go and promote the wines that were there tonight. yuuuuuuumo :))) xc

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty Four

rest, rest, rest

Three Hundred & Forty Three

which one is meeeee?


partee girl tonight.

my day started as:
Charlie Helen Robinson is tired, over it, sad, grumpy, stressed, and feeling very unwelcome in the world xc

but it ended well and with a smile on my dial, so that's good. with so much going on, so many opinions (some not to listen to, some to), so many upheavals and worries, the world got a bit too hard to bear today. BUT, with the help of good girlfriends, a few wines and a silly parteee to let off some steam with lots of dancing, the world turned bright again.

so it was my "mini christmas meltdown".

let's hope its all plain sailing from here on in xc

Three Hundred & Forty Two

aaaaah its friday again. quick stop @ the pub on the way home, then fresh homemade pizza's cooked by amburger for dinner... not a bad way to end the week. had had a few loooong convo's during the day that made me feel a little positive.

also worked out that even im crap at sorting out all the new facebook privacy settings these days. gosh - if i cant even get it right. i think they need a bit of an overhaul on the usability as its starting to get too difficult for the average user :(

i mean i have "groups" that each have their own access levels. some can see everything i do, others cant (i do need asome private time amongst close friends ya know!!). but there are so many different combos of what you can and cant do... phew. hard.

anyway, i think i have it sussed - so does that me an expert now?? ahahahaaaa NO!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty One

piles of shopping in readiness for christmas... and this is just the start aaaaarghh LOL xc

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty

access visits for dogs... we dropped over the marias, so that dana could see her dog bella, who is staying with us, whilst she stays with maria. confused? yes, we are too.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Nine

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive. ~Eleonora Duse

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Eight

OK, so moral dilemmas get boring. especially when someone is trying to sort yours out on your behalf and ending up with their own (way too bludy hard). it isnt their right or business, so i ended one this morning for a person.

we move on.

as you can see from the foto, my back area has gotten a tad messy (this is the before).

so, big backyard day. cleared out some stuff that's not mine (into the garage it all went ready for collection)... mowed the lawn (thanks to amber's boyfriend charlie - yes i know, cute same name), pulled weeds that were bigger than trees, mulched, moved patio furniture, swept, you name it - ended up dripping wet with sweat (eeeeeeewe).

looks much much better now... although as miss amburger points out it would be even better if there were some actual flowers or something. well, yeah... one step at a time LOL xc

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Seven

started the day with a shocker of a stress headache - pound pound urgh. but rose to collect Miss JM from her dads and stopped in @ St Peters bakery (as we do) for a coffee. For the second week in a row i was sprung doing this without seeing the person who sprung me to say hello. i guess im in my own little world on a sunday morning... and on this one with a big headache.

wish the excuse was due to a big nite out - but alas no.

still sorting stuff out.

anyway. today i had the pleasure of helping a good friend at a time of need. thank god someone else has problems, not just me. ahahahahaaaaaa

we are here writing the letter of complaint - that could get messy - as in essence the home loan has fallen through. no one has really done their job properly and its a big mess. its actually just incredible how a professional organisation experienced in this type of transaction can leave a situation with my friend without a home and in serious jeopardy of losing their deposit. i will give them the benefit of the doubt to pull up their socks and sort out the issue on monday - but there are a few names and companys that i will NEVER use, regardless. its appauling.

but anyway... the sun shone on the back, we had a few wines and in general the day was pleasant. so with the headache gone, it's turned out OK. xc

Friday, December 11, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Six

hanging out with friends, babysitting bella, wondering what will happen next, writing my christmas email, having a cup of tea, looking at the lawn which needs a mow, chatting online, creating facebook business pages, promoting events, reading, ignoring the housework, playing cabbie, on the fone with friends, and having my picture taken by my daughter when i look shocking. this has been my day xc

My year that has been... bring on 2010 – let’s do it again

About the set
36 items

the year that has been... the journey of daily fotos, public space with public face, personal ups and downs and self awareness have all made this year special. Here’s a snapshot of the year that I hope will help you appreciate you played a part and are special. Merry Christmas and bring on 2010 – let’s do it again xc A selection of things from the set

Three Hundred & Thirty Five

Three Hundred & Thirty Four




(By the way, if the set link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it from this email into your browser's address bar.)

Three Hundred & Thirty Five

this is that very private man that i love. whooops and here he is in front of a camera. we had a date. the past few weeks have been a tad unsettling and all over the place and i'm hoping things are back on track. i guess there's some hurts to be smoothed out and it will take time - not necessarily between us but between him and others and me and others but each day brings a new beginning and a new insight and we grow and heal as humans.

focus on the animals i say. be good to pigs, pat the head of a dog, dont do the duck dance on the dance floor - do the chicken and life will eventually work its self out for the best. im hoping it will work out anyway. will let you know soon xxx

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Four

work christmas luncheon at the Lion in North Adelaide. good times xc

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Three

Regardless of my personal opinion re the SA Great name change, the corporate and I still LOVE the Speakers in Schools program. Tonight was awards nite - i had to hand one out. In the background is Lesley from my work - who is one of our speakers and Heidi from PIRSA who is also a speaker and who I have been on tour with. I admire their passion and commitment towards inspiring kids and they are both deserving of an award just for being involved. On the nite it can only go to one, and the girl who won our category (regional) is regionally based and has her own business built from scratch and does very well with speaking... very deserving.

I went from here to a drinks/dinner nite with 25 girlfriends. We called it the "Mrs Claus" nite - girls only celebrating christmas. It was an absolute hoot... but what did we all end up talking about? Our kids labours. We seriously went around the table... what better way to bond than to talk about that unbearable pain!! It was a such a joyous evening... so much laughter and silliness and so many things to talk about. We are all going to do it again. xc

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty Two

tired girl. meeting in clare @ 2.30pm then 3pm and both fairly tense. drove up and back in one hit. gotta do it for the job ubt it takes a whack outta ya day...

got another big day tomorrow too... so, better do some preparation tonight!! xc

Monday, December 7, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty One


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Three Hundred & Thirty

time to move into the festive spirit... christmas trees, angels on top, lights and tinsel borrowed from wonderful friends LOL

we went looking through a book shop and each picked some fav's ... hmmmm maybe they will end up in the stocking? never know what santa has in mind.

next on the list will be to buy the christmas day "frock". always have to have a new one that's special... we are girls after all...!!! xx

Three Hundred & Twenty Nine

with so much going on i needed a quiet dinner with good friends and the kids, crisp white wine was poured.. and much laughter healed the soul xc

Friday, December 4, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty Eight

what's next xc

Three Hundred & Twenty Seven


the beginnings. more later xc

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty Six :: plenty more fish in the sea

The past two weeks have been confusing. There have been many ups and downs. Many friends have offered advise and help but this time I stood firm. I would sort this out and cope on my own (the occasional shoulder to cry on was good though LOL). The two weeks before this was similar but I leaned on friends too much, they got too involved and it ended in tears and upsets. So, you could say this month has been a great learning for me.

In this two week period I have defended and deflected and encouraged and rationalised and reasoned and hung in there.

Turns out, the person I was doing it for didn’t deserve it. Didn’t know that at the time…

But… that’s the funny thing about life I guess. We learn things unexpectedly and we stretch ourselves and it all makes us better people, but we can’t change how another person behaves and acts and treats another.

I guess I was practising what I preach – because I always say to my kids “don’t act to another’s standard – go your own way”.

In this instance I have been treated shabbily. In fact, I continue to be treated shabbily. I have possessions that belong to another that I am unable to dispose of because the law could come down on me if I do. I have been ignored, I have had things said about me that are totally unfair and false and yet I am at a loss to understand what it is I have done to deserve such treatment. Except give someone my heart, my trust and my patience. I now have silence. A last message from them ended with a “mwah xxx”. What changed? What happened? I will never know. I now don’t want to know. It is obviously not for me to ever know the truth. I move on with an open heart, just a stronger self.

These new learnings of mine, my heart, my trust and my new patience will all remain with me. Forever. In the one instance the person I was doing it for was undeserving, but I feel better for it. So, that’s a start. A good start.


Three Hundred & Twenty Five

dinner @ the pub and home again.

lots of amazing things happened today. firstly it turns out that my teacher (or rather lecturer)'s son in law runs the Flying Knife in Semaphore. Small world. That's where I take my mum every mothers day and there's even a day dedicated ( - OK so i didnt write anything - sorry. i did however write to them and comngratualte them on their blog at the time, which is here )

even crazier but when i said i'd create a fan page like I did for MP3... well, he said that's his second favourite ... and id been there for fathers day. LOL. gotta laugh!!

anyway... so had to dash from school to have meeting about key messages at work with senior managers. then had to dash from that to another meeting and work. lunch? forget it. grrrrrr

ended the day with a meeting with a wine retail company who will be backing / supporting my wine club. not going to spoil the surprise - but IM EXCITED!!! the partnership will cement 12 - 18months of hard slog work and take us up to the next step fingers crossed. now it's up to me again.

for now though. rest. tap tap on the computer and chats with the girls. amburger starts work experience tomorrow with the Independent Weekly. She's excited. I'm excited. I hope she does well. She may also get work / volunteer with Fresh FM. Fingers crossed. it will be good for her.

so onwards in all quarters :))) xc

Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty Four

is silent today xc

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty Three

windblown but hapi :)
girls chatting about life, the universe and friendship.
new beginnings. old.
crazee times. juicy.
keeps it interesting :)))

Three Hundred & Twenty Two

Picture 814, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

Dear Universe,
What do you have in store for me?
Where would you like me to be?
How do you intend to tell me?
Who will see?
When. Oh when can I be me?
Love from Charlie

Friday, November 27, 2009

Three Hundred & Twenty One

miss amburger is off to a partee... xc

Three Hundred & Twenty

the start of a celebration for the corporate. a major milestone completed in the project so lets let our hair down :) xc

ps im here with carlos

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Three Hundred & Nineteen

amber receiving the sub school manager award and the english miss poynton prize!!! whoohoooo at the school to see her collect it :)) xc

Three Hundred & Eighteen

me and my girl xc

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three Hundred & Seventeen

yep. that's me. eeek xc

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three Hundred & Sixteen

my flute.
being dusted off for my daughter.
a quick tune.
noise soon.
hope you live in a different quarter xc

modern day graffiti

i have been bleating on for years that your website is your piece of real estate, online. it's been the best way for me to explain it. these are the highways we all travel along, hoping the road also brings a customer to our door.

this is still true - but it's far more complex.

social websites have created more highways, more ways and you are far more visible. and that makes you far more vulnerable.

if we consider the giants for a moment - telstra, macdonalds, bonds, and vegemite recently to name a few... if these guys ever step out of line with their public, the public soon let it be known to them (think major brand having to pull a product off a shelf because of public backlash). therefore customer service is premium however they would still regularly take a battering. the response from the public comes in via word of mouth, letters to the editor and more recently via social media. the power of the community voice is only just being realised and unleashed (ie we have just begun).

so, when this translates to a small business, what does it mean to them? well, - you are right, the same can happen. a small business may not have been the target of a letter to the editor previously, however they may have had their retail shop front vandalised, a window broken, a paint smattering because someone has taken offense and the law into their own hands or simply been the subject of malicious gossip (WOM).

the modern day graffiti is of course a combination of malicious gossip, comments via our facebook statuses (that only friends see sure... however...), talking (word of mouth is still the almighty powerful), to setting up facebook groups, blogging, etc etc etc.

so, be careful, if you are online in business remember you are at all times vulnerable.

why do you think politicians dont allow you to write on their wall? i disagree with this by the way? is it because they are afraid of the questions that may be raised? or simply they are too lazy to answer?

why do you think there is a facebook group called "Real men don't cheat on, lie to, or abuse woman" that you cant write, contact, upload a foto or do anything with? It has over 604,000 fans so its name alone has inspired something (i dont mind that you cant interact with that one... it's purpose is there as a statement only).

so, think about what your business is. consider when setting up a facebook group that you allow access as appropriate. interaction is not just about the good... its the whole picture, good with the bad, honest with the not-so and you should be willing to respond and answer everything. otherwise - why do you have that wall open for business?

happy to interact...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three Hundred & Fifteen

my life is a fone conversation at the moment. i am doing lots of it. some of it awesome and chirpy with friends, some of it healing, some of it hard and some of it would be better if it was face to face so i could see the eyes.

and some of it just shouldnt happen.

but that's the current trend or thread of whats going on. my current journey. i dont feel we as humans have any real say in what the universe has in store for us. in fact i think a lot of it has to do with lessons and being a bigger person. these are the hard lessons that we hate, get upset by and dont wish upon our worst enemies, let alone ourselves (gosh we are all selfish after all).

ive talked about the subject of online being "unreal" many many times. ive said we know in our heart if something is right or wrong and we dont need a status or a picture or a game being played online to know what's what, and what's real. its true, we all say some funny shit up here - gosh listen to me why dont you - but when you ask yourself "would that person have said that face to face, looking at you in the eye?", well that's when you will understand.


Three Hundred & Fourteen

we planned this months and months ago - in fact when i was still plurking. a roast dinner at charlies. rantz was in town and we were all getting together. they had held various events all weekend for him in fact bt it was shame he had his holiday cut short and so couldnt stay long enough to enjoy a roast !! never mind.

it also coincided with @monnie's cup cake camp, which was during that day... so we ended up with a smaller crowd (quite happy about that though to be frank).

anyway, we chatted about things you do at a reunion (of sorts), had a few reds, some nice food and a few laughs. it was a lovely evening. xc