Friday, November 21, 2008

interaction with the media

media is a funny beast. we all want it. we all need it. but there are times when it needs to back off and let be.

but who dictates when. who holds the standards. i do wonder if mine are too high. but then.

my twin bro died in an accident where he fell 60m of a cliff. tragic. freak. the media tried. no-one talked. they only had family to get hold of. dead end.

my corporate job is different. media have someone to get hold of. to be professional with. to ask questions of and insist an answer from.

i'm professional. and i believe in educational and informative media.

but i can say this past week has been tough. i didn't need to lose my bro to know that. but i have remaimed calm and professional. i have to. ive been there. i know what that family is going through. they have lost a loved one.

so the next media robot that comes stalking my way... forget your story. you don't deserve it. xc

Monday, November 17, 2008

Interaction through tagging

Well it has happened. I have been tagged.
My good friend JimBob51 kindly dobbed me in. Now, my first task is to shout his blog. Easy. So, AOEDE is one of the three original Muses. She is the Muse of Song or Voice. It is also the name of one of the Moons of Jupiter. JimBob51's blog is the perfect spot to muse on just about anything. And Jim certainly does that!! Let it be known though, I am happy to hear his voice... but he can leave the singing at home :)

Tagging is a bit of fun. And there are some rules.

#2 5 Interesting facts about yourself
#3 Tag six more blogs

Number one is complete. Here's 5 facts about me:

#1 My (tiny) hysterectomy scar is the shape of a scorpion (on my belly). No pics sorry.

#2 I built my first website in 1998 but my latest is a blog for my wine group: (yes, i run a wine group)

#3 My parents and sisters are both English and grew up in the townships of Horsham (dad) and Crawley (mum). My dads name is Eric Stevens - nicknamed Steve. My first husband was Eric, my second Steve. My daughter lived in Horsham (England) with her dad for 10 yrs (both Australians). My previous partner's surname was Crawley who worked for Piper Alderman. My current home is in Pipers Avenue. My soul mate Trevor Cologne worked for the Woodville Library and rockclimbed. I have worked for the Woodville Library and my twin brother rockclimbed. You could say Trevor is a combination of me and my twin!!

#4 My first dogs name was Sandy. My last Coco.

#5 My vision for the community sector was always about the voice. Generating conversations and interacting. Using less expensive but templated models to infiltrate and provide a platform for the sector to springboard from. So many groups are invisible to the masses as they have no funds. And I could talk about this for hours.

Thanks for reading this far.

Here's my six tags:
#1 Trevor or Odi's Ramblings for a laugh

#2 Dead Reds Wine Group cause i run it!!

#3 My Social Newspaper

#4 National commentary by my friend Graham Young

#5 My girlfriend who I'm proud of for giving blogging a go:

#6 and I grab a coffee with Allan

and I'd like a special mention to this one (cause I'm in the hall of fame - ahhaaa):