Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Ninety One / 3

full moon. no wonder. what a crazee week.

to start my cousin died. poor thing. he had suffered from cancer for years. i wont write everything here but i just feel exceptionally sad. so sad. and whilst it's a horrible thing to die of and no-one should suffer from it, in a way i'm glad he's out of the pain and misery, but he was young. too young. only a few years older than me (please just accept this is too young for my benefit).

i say it's too young because of my auntie. same as my mum in my brothers scenario. loosing a child before you die yourself (as the mother) must be the hardest emotion in the world to suffer and i know my mum did. we had years of depression - still do with her. and here is my auntie who has now lost three men in her life. her husband, her youngest son and now her eldest. her daughter survives.

it's just too tragic. horrible.

i didnt go to the funeral. i'd had a big emotional week myself in my personal relationship and I wouldnt have been able to leave town for the six hour journey until after 10pm at night,for the funeral in the morning another hour away, for me to have to drive straight back. mum said no. i was probably relieved in a way - but also upset i couldnt be there.

its true i didnt know alan well (my cousin). we knew each other as kids and i have such fond memories of that. he went off to live in sydney and do the whole british airlines hostess with the mostess gig and being a HUGE (secret from the family) gay bloke was obviously enjoying himself immensely. id say he had a fabulous life really if i knew completely but even if he didn't - i'll remember him as the big friendly, always laughing, fun with the kids, "cous al".

so, that was mid week. by the end of the week my relationship with ray was on the rocks because he loves me. he has "stuff" to sort out and i have to be patient whilst he goes away and does his "stuff". well OK. i will. because i love him and i believe we should be together. that said it doesnt make it easy AT ALL.. quite frankly i like a simple, pleasant, happy life. this complicates things and i get stressed / got stressed.

so here i am out. with bruce who will always be there for me, unconditionally. he's my best friend, brother, dad, protector and a right pain in the arse when he gets too loud but he can put a smile on my face, even if for a short amount of time.

so, i needed him. xc

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Ninety

and here is Mr Paul Hamra himself... thanks again for lunch.

This time is was for the PLACE magazine - through full time work. PLACE is for the architectural industry - planners and designers so a great captive audience to raise awareness about the company name. this luncheon was a working one - we all had a five minute spot to speak or explain who we were and why we supported PLACE.

food was yummy, company pleasant - so made for a lovely lunch.

Paul announced there would be more like that - yes please!! :) xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Nine

SA Mines and Energy Journal (SOLSTICE Media) Luncheon at the Kooyonga Golf Club... Paul Hamra at the mic saying thanks to supporters - thanks Paul :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Eight

Summer is here

i got hot today

and flustered

and bothered

and well... Bring on the weekend!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

spot it - go on :)))

spot it - go on :))), originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

anyone work out what is wrong in this picture??? LOL

this has proved to be a heap of fun so far on my other networks like Flickr and Facebook.

what do you think? xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Seven

impromptu, early, relaxed, tired, big, emotional, food, wine, close, stressy, hugs, hospital, mums, support....

are all the tags i could use to describe this picture.

say no more. xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Six

the tour is going swimmingly well. lesley is a star / champion / trouper. me... well, my work life crashes down around my ears as i learn the major internal comms plan i was set to launch on monday has to be postponed due to communication issues with the printer. never mind. i was at a catholic school and came out to their prayer yard.

no, i'm not religious. but i do love my plants... and the beautiful garden setting was EXACTLY what i needed. so, someone must have been listening!! xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Five

you've heard me talk about the sa great, speakers in school tour before. well here we are in pt pirie. it's lesley's first speaking assignment (she's on the right) and the first time ive been away with jessica (on the left). simply put... we had a ball.

so proud of lesley's speaking capabilities, she even inspired me!! manners manners manners will get you everywhere. so true!! she was our rock star tonight :)

admittedly by the time i took this foto we were tired, had eaten crap food and were on our second wine, and it was very close to bedtime but the smiles say it all. it had been a good day / good drive.

the next day still in store, we were positive xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Four

OK so this is a bedroom scene that i CAN share... pretty innocent here!! two people crashing for a relax moment checking in with each other and the world. simple xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Three

diploma in business continues. saying on wall "what we have to learn to do, we learn by doing"... OK, so get me outta here as I have a heap of work back at the office. literally!!! LOL xc

Monday, October 19, 2009

so i unearthed a new trend today. can facebook help?

facebook myspace orkut bebo linkedinImage by .Andy Chang. via Flickr

i am currently doing my diploma in business and i was in the strategic marketing class of 09 talking about target markets, segments, and trends today.

the example we were discussing was around the 9 year old v the 12 year old.
what do they want?

i have this almost exact scenario at home ie the 10 year old with the 15 year old, so i related well.

we summed up that kids today still want what kids 50 years ago wanted - ie the latest and greatest in "whatever". whether that be the latest shoe, trend or dress that "whoever is wearing".

so, it got me thinking - well, what is the equivalent rebellious act then (we can examine why my head traveled this way another day)? ..... so, to keep moving to explain myself, in my day the rebellious act was getting into the disco / niteclub underage (i never did - im so nerdy). my kids arent doing that... mainly as they've started earlier... my 10 year wants access to Facebook so much so that she doesnt see it as wrong to "lie about her age". yep - between her and a friend they had even worked out what year they would have to put in.

i stopped it. however. here's my dilemma.

a while back i was told BEBO was for 10 years olds and said she could use that - to only discover they also had the 13 year old restriction. so, no facebook. no BEBO. no social networking platform for 10 year olds???

what do we do?

we know facebook is populated by females my age - who probably have kids - who probably want to play with all the applications - who cant because they are too young.

can facebook help?

i call on all of you to respond to this blog if you think facebook should create a parental control / kids version. perhaps it is a sub account from mine that i can approve the stuff my kids do - or maybe it's just a mini site with limited access and applications? love to hear how you are managing this in your own households :))

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Day Two Hundred & Eighty Two

watching the news after study day, homework, speech writing and roast dinner :)) xc

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Eighty One

Blakey's 50th was held up in the adelaide hills at their cherry garden. simply stunning weather and a great day out. Top stuff xc

Day Two Hundred & Eighty

Rachel Sanderson’s Black Tie Butterfly Ball.
Rachel Sanderson is the Liberal Candidate for Adelaide. Rachel's about transforming Adelaide into a vibrant and dynamic city – a city where people can live, work and build a bright future. Hence the theme ‘Butterfly’ symbolises new beginnings and transformation. We were all aflutter at the ball in front of the shutters :))

Location: Hyatt Regency Adelaide

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Nine

hapi birfday Mel :)))) xc


Day Two Hundred & Seventy Eight

coffee anyone?? xc

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Seven

team building, bonding and boofing around. we won the comp. my team did anyway - here we are proudly displaying our medals :))

from the left is rachel, tara, alistair, bill, and me covering corporate services, projects, legals, regulation pricing and communications!! what a combo.

we worked out who had strengths where and used them to the max... and a little bit of alistair arsey winging it style under pressure helped saved the day. LOL. xc

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Six

crazee day busy at work catching up from yesterday, crazee week with too much on and have to move this weekend - well dont "have to" - want to!! and its crazee weather. wow... so crazee all round ... xc

Twitter v Facebook - what's it to be?

lots of convo again today. here's my side.

i have this theme developing in my head where i think twitter is more personal.


many people slam dunk twitter because they believe it is for big corporates to spam users.

well i oppose that concept.

i think, yes, it is a mass marketing tool and one that PR and communications people use to their credit and fullest capability. but i also think that if i want to reply to someone specifically and in particular - it is actually quite difficult for someone to cut across or butt in.

and i like that.

so it's gets personal.

i LOVE to interact, dont get me wrong. but there are times when a one-on-one suits the purpose more than anything else... and i feel like i can get that from twitter and not facebook. so, where i was clamoring before to find apps that gave me the conversation thread and the interaction power, now i need both. interaction and one-on-one. the option.

yes, there is the facebook inbox and yes I can have a twitter direct message, i can be as discrete, silent, direct and hidden as the rest... this however, is more like feeling i am giving someone my undivided attention at a partee, not worried about who hears - but undivided.

and i am liking this.

what do you think?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Five

on the fone to friend in brisbane talking websites for wine groups... hey and who would have thought that ive actually known this man for several years but never heard his voice before!! mine sounds a little child-like apparently (ive been told) but it's all me. friend sounded like i thought friend would.

isnt it funny though how we conjure up what a person will SOUND like, when we only tap tap tap away with each other normally. im looking forward to when video posts become more the thing of the day. xc

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Three

Mr Bartolo's 51st birfday partee was going to be a sit down BBQ dinner... for a few friends. We ended up with 17 adults around the table and half dozen kids in the lounge room playing. BIG NIGHT. Well worth it... lots and lots of fun was had :))) xc

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventy One

Friends return from O/S and we go to tea. Yep - they bought Ray new shoes - very yummo ones... xc

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Seventy

met lots of inspiration people this week. the world seems like a much happier compassionate place. this is a good thing. whilst nothing is black and white and things need patience, i do feel excited and motivated by the energy around.

it's a good feeling. xc

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Nine

gardening day... tending to the lawn, weeds and pruning ready for spring. someone's got to do it!! :))

and it was a public holiday here. labour day. "what's that?"

section 1.4 says...

"Labour Day commemorates the achievements of the Australian labour movement. The celebration of Labour Day has its origins in the eight hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest." and so on...

it seems gardening is deemed rest. well OK. that's cool xc

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Eight

day of migraine. fog. stabbing pain in the right side of brain. urgh. wont whinge - just cant do a fun foto today. Miss JM said - do one on the couch - that's where youve been all day. so, OK. i have. xc

ps am feeling better now :))

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Seven

its dinner out - stirfry style...

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Six

its fish and chips at west beach. nom

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Five

its a wedding xc