Monday, May 26, 2008

charlie interacts with the kids

will the adults please leave the playground? let the kids play.

i get it. people want a professional image and to be adult. they say, we should have the right profile image, say the right things, be diplomatic. agreed. but i do think sometimes we can let the guard down and just have some fun. read “fun”. and isn’t that what FaceBook is all about? a bit of mucking about and sharing some stuff?

i read this post earlier from Scobleizer [link] who said "It’s no business “utility” if I can’t make infinitely large friend lists and use those lists in the same way I use email (which Facebook also bans)." and thought… well yes, FaceBook isn’t for building big business anyway – its to play and network. what Scobleizer recommends is using FriendFeed - which i do. here's mine:

as I have said in an earlier post – FaceBook is the “after party”. so, leave the serious stuff to your blog, FriendFeed, LinkedIn and Twitter interactions and throw all the sheep at me from FaceBook that you want… but please do treat me as your friend. even if i'm a new friend. i don’t like playground bullies, so no, im also not into all the spam abuse through groups, applications and others. remember the rule – if you cant do it to the face, don’t do it at all. even kids get that.

see you on the feed xc

Sunday, May 25, 2008

charlie interacts with government - one day

I’m starting to read comments from professional bloggers asking (or complaining) that government offices and corporate bodies haven’t taken up the social media capabilities fast enough. It’s true, I’ve written on many occasion the dilemmas I personally face as a corporate communication consultant introducing web services and technologies in to our day to day operations. I have had many a conversation internally about security issues, privacy issues, just plain old waste of time staff issues and all the rest that management throw at me. It’s a little like a cracked record. But I don’t like sitting back and waiting for the day that it will all be better and we “can now do it”. I like to do.

So, perhaps if we reflect on the “what will happen to make the change”. Hmmm… just like 10 years ago when email was introduced. And probably 10 years before that when the phone system came on. It’s really just a typical human trait that makes us resistant to the change. So, let’s work the room on that one.

Us humans need success stories.

So, why don’t we create some? Together. Us corporates.

I am winning @ work on the recruitment front (with the use of several tools). In particular networking to find potential candidates is the perfect excuse to demonstrate the power of services such as LinkedIn and even FaceBook in this space. So that’s what I’m doing. All good there. For me. What else would be a quick win? I was reading about onboarding tonight through the use of wiki induction packages. I could go there and try that. We have a project open @ the moment to review induction. So, there’s a few toe in water examples. Anyone got any others?

But, as far as that working for government, well it’s just not a reality. Yet. I’ve worked in the departments who personally managed services around attraction campaigns into state government. HOWEVER, what will work is the corporate demonstrating to government how to do it. The they won’t want to be missing out on the action.

So, I guess it’s back to me.

charlie's reading suggestions

some great articles i've been reading and mucking around with that i thought you also might like to read:


FaceBook Turns One

Little Guys Online

Password Managers

Resource Wiki's - excellent!!
in particular:

Stop using FaceBook? Are they mad... not really - read on:

and finally... WebMonkey returns

Enjoy! xc

Saturday, May 24, 2008

charlie has a voice

well there it is. the hardest day of my life (aside from a couple of others). charlie has a voice. but how seriously weird do i look on camera!! i must practice... baby steps though. like i mentioned in the video, wise orange are producing 5 testimonial video's and reconfiguring the corporate video for my full time job (yes - i do have one). this is all part of major communication campaigns hitting the marketplace in July for recruitment of those hard to find (power) engineers.

as i've mentioned before i do like to teach myself new tricks.

so - aside from the bad lighting and the un-madeup face / hair, anyone got any feedback they'd like to share to help make my journey a little less painful? be gentle though xxc

Monday, May 19, 2008

charlie interacts with twitter

twitter is a funny little beast. seems so strange when you first start it up. basically you're watching conversation threads. bit weird. but in the main, the are public comments (= publicity). things that make others take action. comments placed at the start, like "reading" or "posted" tend to make me (and obviously others) think "i had better go check that out". especially when i admire the person and respect their views. it works - i've seen twitter come up in website stats more than once or twice already (as a referrer). far more than facebook even.

so using twitter for publicity is becoming an art... it needs all the attention, interaction, and a following you can muster. hey - but that's what social media is, isn't it? it feels like it's one of those "won't happen over night but it will happen" moments. you certainly have to work the room harder to get the results.

personally, i use twitter to send links etc to articles i'm reading, to promote when I update my blog and to highlight some work that friends have done. but i've also discovered a very simple trick (for myself). that is, just prior to log-off, make your final comment something you want to promote. then, when people search and check your profile, the first thing (and typically only thing they check) is that comment. if they like - they'll follow.

the thing i have to now get right - is remembering to do that. is there an application to help me remember please?


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Like all things, us humans have a pretty standard way of going about things. Eg we chat, we listen, we learn, we teach (etc etc).

So, I've been thinking more about this. Mainly as I was asked to speak at a seminar about new media and social networks online. hmmmm – what is it that we do and what exactly would I say to explain? I’m still in learning mode I thought… and now I was asked to teach? Eeek. Whether I finally end up speaking or not doesn't matter. It did make me ponder – a seminar is just like a blog is it not? The speaker/writer chats. An audience listens/reads. We (all) learn through questions/comments. So, I can teach that. Easy.

Of course, I then took it one step further. If the seminar is like the blog, let’s think. LinkedIn must be the business networking for contacts. FaceBook would be the after party and Twitter the quick catchup call. All pretty human to me!! What do you think about that? xc

Million Paws Walk 2008

Originally uploaded by charliedesign

Not really sure why I had to be front and centre... but there ya go. Good day out. The weather held out for us which was a relief. The dogs are now stuffed xc

Saturday, May 17, 2008

charlie wave two

OK, second go. still can't speak. this is hard!! cooper the dog decided to get in the picture. what a limelight stealer :>

quite contrary to the belief that bright light coming in through the doors means warm day, outside was bucketing down (rain) and cold. we were just about the leave for our wine tour day. read on, next blog xc

dodging the rain on a great day out

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relaxing over a glass of wine, with friends is a great way to spend any day. you'd have to agree. this particular day was spent on the seppeltsfield road, at a fund raiser for 2 blokes on bikes, who departed to travel the countryside for Childhood Cancer.

they will be back in three weeks. i've posted photos to Flickr. it was a typical cold and wet winters day.

an interesting note - we learnt that Fosters sold seppeltsfield winery last November to 4 private owners. one is Janet Holmes-a-Court. Since the takeover, the winery has had a facelift. great results.

chat more soon xc

Thursday, May 15, 2008

charlie waves hello from web cam

quite tragic really - but i've gotta do it (learn that is) xc

ps now i've also learnt how to post a video to a blog too!! gosh


Vito & Friends
Originally uploaded by charliedesign

Have been teaching myself a few new tricks the past couple of days. Firstly, I installed skype. This was a suggestion from an overseas friend, however it seems it's like most things, once you mention something, everyone comes out of the woodwork. I've been playing chinese checkers and having an absolute HOOT with the emicons. Got to talk to Leila tonight via skype and she was out and about being the socialite. **glad the guy went away who wanted to ... hmmm anyway.

Secondly, there's a whole bunch of WAP mobile gadgets we've set up at work that has been interesting. I'm certainly learning there.

Thirdly, (at work) we posted a career opportunity on LinkedIn, using my personal account (so posted as an employee). This was toe in the water stuff. It worked. I got called whilst at lunch in the middle of a very busy Rundle Street and the guy has already sent in his CV application. Quite impressive really.

Finally, I'm writing this post from Flickr. I've done this before but it's like all things, I delved deeper and worked out how to place images on maps. Probably not too startling for all you Flickr experts out there. But just the next step.

A little like when I first started FaceBook... and then Twitter... each step makes me understand more (some of it is a very quick, steep learning curve ie like the guy who... yep anyway). Its a fun and enjoyable process. Especially when with each step I get to play and learn with my friends. Much prefer this than sitting in an old-fashioned lecture hall anyday!!

So, what's next? xc

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So much joy was experienced, that here I am sharing:

The photos are on FaceBook rather than Flickr as my personal experience is for this to be more "friends" sharing orientated (and it's where most of my friends share). They are happy snaps from a work trip to Pt Augusta using the services of Barossa Helicopters and Hawkeye Photography on the day (but not for the happy snaps).

Hope you enjoy the snaps. We enjoyed the day xc

Friday, May 9, 2008

interacting with top blogs

We've been asked to list our top 10 emerging blogs as per this post on from Janette. Now, the only issue that I have for this really is the fact that for me ALL blogs are emerging. I've only been reading them for the past year. So, this is my first post about blogs that I like and follow.

Let me know what you think of my choices. Here goes: **Whilst this is a blog, I have been following TED itself for longer. The stories that emerge from TED are incredible. From crazy online image ideas to why and what ants do. The website is fascinating and I love it all. **main man Jeremiah always delivers great strategy. always referring back. **Jean and Michael put to practice a complete social media package. it's good to watch and learn how they do it. it's also a subject i kinda like a lot (clothes). plus they're really nice people. nice to interact with. **i've been community managing since before it was popular so it's good to read articles on this subject. **Dan Schawbel provides sound advice about online personal PR. what and how I portray myself is important. so i listen. and learn. **a neat resource. **another neat resource. **i like Lee's casual, humorous writing style. good papers & resources for work. **found this one day on a hunt. fun idea. eggs. The Dozen. why not. of course. it's cute and an easy ready. **Graham Young’s Notes. I add the link to his (imported) FaceBook notes rather than website, as I do find this a very convenient way of getting his posts.

I know there's more. I read more. The list could go on. It could include all my friends blogs such as Jimbo's and Kays, and Steve's and well... all of them. But for now I'll stick with these.

Thanks for asking. xc

Sunday, May 4, 2008

interacting with experts: steve thomas speaks

This fascinating man works by day, reads, posts interesting articles and takes FABULOUS photos in his spare time.

I have to confess though to having one of those famous FaceBook moments where I couldn't remember how we originally hooked up!!

The aaaah moment came when I remembered it was through one of my daughters rowing team mates mums FanPages, linking me through the Barr Smith Library page to a guy who was having trouble attracting members to his group (phew - what a classic). I offered a word of advise (it was limited to the Adelaide network) and there in lay the start of a few conversations. I am now in aw. Steve was already in the process of setting up the FanPage better and he in no way needed my help really but I guess it's really just the support and chat that makes all this fun. I have now personally met Steve and his lovely partner Kay through the Adelaide Bloggers meet-up.

I asked Steve a few questions... especially about his photography work and how he links it all together. This is what he came back with:

Letters from Adelaide

(Charlie) "Saw your comment on my blog page too. The makings of a good "interview":

"So, what makes Flickr so much better? Does it have it’s own niche? If we have happy snaps on FB, why don’t professionals sell via istock? Is Flickr just the professional photographers hide out?"

Flickr has just been around for a long time, is all. It has been dedicated to photo sharing (they've just started allowing short videos as well), so in that sense it is a niche site. But it has all kinds of images, from happy snaps to the most wonderful artistic work. And pr0n of course. But they have a pretty good safe-search system that means you have to look for that, so easily avoided.

Flickr is not for professionals, because it doesn't provide a mechanism for selling your work. Some of us use Red Bubble for that, but there are other sites that do similar.

Interestingly, some people use Flickr as a kind of blog, adding long texts to their pictures. But there are better options now: it's so easy to upload a picture to your blog and write about it there. Or add pics to Facebook. Or ... One thing we're not short of in this online world is options.

"Where do you find people - FaceBook or LinkedIn… "

Well, if I was looking for work, I'd be working on LinkedIn. But I'm not, so that's just a "placeholder" for me. (But others have found me through that.) Because I have a (hopefully) secure position at the Uni, I'm more about exploring the uses of social media for communication, so currently "working the room" through Facebook. But I happen to think that Facebook is maturing rapidly into something that might compete with LinkedIn, as a way of developing professional relationships. Once you get past the vampires and other nonsense, FB is a pretty good way of maintaining contacts. Teamed with Twitter, a blog, and RSS, it's shaping up as pretty amazing. Something like a complete online expression of self. Yikes!

"What is your blog strategy?"

LOL! My blog strategy is to try to remember to blog about things I have an opinion on. E.g. I'm now reading the papers online as well as in print, which means I can express my opinions instantly as I read. Maybe not always a good thing, but then I'm not looking for a Pulitzer. Or a job. I don't bother with AdSense (yet) because I think that would make me sensitive to the number of page views, and that would make it into a chore rather than a joy.

There's a whole book waiting to be written on the subject of page views and comments and the anxiety engendered by not getting any!

Feel free to ask more questions!


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