Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Thirty of the Twitter 365 Project, its getting dirty

if you hadn't realised by now - my full time job is with an energy company in SA. transmission. this week has been HOT. so it has lead to a "busy time" (understatement). we have had to load shed and work through issues etc etc etc. just before this foto was taken i reminded staff that during a load shed period they should remember to save their work frequently in case of sudden outage.

well. my computer moniter says it all. it's BLACK. OFF. we went down a minute after i sent the email. fortunate for some ... not for all. xc

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Twenty Nine of the Twitter 365 Project, just in time...

we took Rowan to the airport to catch a plane but we dropped in for a bite to eat @ MyBar on the way... got him to the airport "just in time"...

it had been such a busy day @ work... to be honest i was exhausted. hot day generally - extreme heat causing load shedding across SA and VIC... so multiple national teleconference link ups to discuss media and the whole "what to do".

what do you do? a government department decided in their wisdom to tell people to turn off their air-cons. yeaks. what about the elderly? there was an almost panic... but i think in reality too many were too hot to listen. thank goodness.

what did we do? as much as we could to contain and keep it simple. but the pressure is on... and it's OK. xc

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Twenty Eight of the Twitter 365 Project, was great

this is me in our community benefit program planning meeting this morning... with Luci, Carlos and Hoang. all part of the corporate responsibility... xc

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Twenty Seven of the Twitter 365 Project, it's HOT

it's HOT. the heat has started. work is about to "go off" (probably literally too).

this is amanda from SA GREAT. we caught up to talk about sponsorship stuff (the corporate i work for sponsors the speakers in schools program they run).

it's a great program. they encourage under 35 year olds to talk about their careers and how they got to where they are today, to high school kids in years 9 and 10. the face to face interaction inspires "action" far quicker and easier than them reading about it on a website.


but why wouldn't they be more inspired this way. hearing first hand from some really interesting people and seeing for their own eyes that regular people can make an awesome go of it...

and it's for all those reasons we sponsor the program. grass roots support. we also hope that "maybe" we can inspire a few more young budding engineers into the system :))


Day Twenty Six of the Twitter 365 Project, in for a dip

it's hot, it's australia day, it's hot, there's a kids pool, it's hot... so what happens next? well... charlie gets a dunking...

at least i cooled down :)) xc

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Twenty Five of the Tiwtter 365 Project, we're alive...

my girlfriends wedding... it was just a beautiful ceremony, and reception... full of love, family strength and friendships from long ago...

and when we all needed to keep in touch, the first thing someone said was "are you on facebook"? gone are the days of needing to share emails... these days we all want to share TOGETHER...


Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Twenty Four of the Twitter 365 Project, dressed up and out the door

OK, so the past couple of days have been a tad busy. Last night I met up with the Adelaide Bloggers Group and we shared laffs together over dinner... then i went on out and met a group of friends at a favourite pub. Then today I'm off to a wedding of a girlfriends i've had for years. we used to work together... and now she"s settling down with her fella and they will live happily ever after.

True romance. Love it.

so, i will take lots of fotos (at the wedding). But i did't think i'd have time to share a foto to the Twitter group when i got home, so here's the contribution i included for today - me at the hairdressers!!

and what was i doing whilst my hair was processing? facebooking.


we are such a captive audience whilst in the chair. i remember talking to my previous hairdresser about their website (...who managed the salon as well - but now manages her dad's wine bar so cant do my hair!!)... and she asked me "how often would you update a hairdressers website?

and i said, every 6 weeks. follow the haircut cycle. of course we're all on different cycles but typically we touch a hairdresser that often. so - to stay fresh it seemed logical.

of course with the influx of social media - i'd change that again and create a fan page on facebook and have clients upload their fotos to show off their "latest cuts" etc. what better way to show off how well you look after your clients and what you do - but more importantly - how happy the clients must be!!

you know, i'll take this concept one step further... and id do it for any retail outlet. clothes especially. fans uploading fotos of themselves in outfits purchased from your store. what GREAT publicity. let the clients speak for you...

seems pretty logical to me :))


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Twenty Two, off with the shoe

i do have a legit reason for wearing my havanas. this week they are the most comfortable thing to wear... especially considering i stepped on a nail. ouch.

but it's also coming up to australia day... so we have to pull out our "thongs" or "flip flops" or whatever it is you want to call them :)

in fact "whatever you want to call them" is an interesting point. an onliner friend who lives over in america recently had to be "trained" in australian speak so that he could work out what the hell we were talking about... in casual conversation mode we tend to let the proper english slip - and throw another shrimp on the barbie mate becomes and old fashioned poem...

so, i had an interesting observation that whilst our websites and more corporate type writings use proper english, in Plurk, FaceBook Status & even Twitter land tends to lend itself to slang...

but it's all for the good of being ... xc

Day Twenty One, having fun

the original foto... before video :) xc

Day Twenty One of the Twitter 365 Project, having fun

i should be a bingo caller, i'm having so much fun with the headers to these images... and now VIDEO... yah. thought i'd give it a whirl. yes, i took an image, but it didn't capture the fullness of King Willy Road going off on a wednesday nite during the Tour Down Under... enjoy!! xc

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Twenty of the Twitter 365 Project, conversation a plenty

i run and manage a wine group / club. it's called the "dead reds". so it's all about old wine... so tonight was the first meeting for the year and we focused on ground rules to take it forward. the characters in the back were there to lend a hand...

this is the group:

and the blog:

Red wine is for drinking, not keeping at the bottom of the wine rack for that special occasion. Well, maybe it was originally but now it's just too embarrassing to show off (or take anywhere).

This group has been formed to celebrate the dead reds in our cellar. We'd like to thank them for their wonderful contribution into our lives. We'd then like to drink them and to share their glory (if they haven't gone off that is!!).

So crack open that red, give it a tasting and then share the news with the rest of us. How old can that bottle go?

Here's the next event details:

See ya there :) xc

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Nineteen of the Twitter 365 Project, not seen

i've been @ home with youngest today... couldn't get vacation care yadda yadda... but have ended the day online, chatting and commenting furiously against people's "status'" updates, the latest craze. such a laugh.

note: the foto this time is me hooked to my music, mobile close by, in front of my PC. love it... (excuse the no makeup etc.. sorry!)

anyway... commenting... it started a while back with the new FaceBook application "Status Shuffle". we've always had a bit of a laff with our status' but this just took it to another dimension. the double meanings and jokes have come out in spades.

i'll be curious to see if it takes over the Twitters, Plurks and FriendFeeds over time... it will need to become more sophisticated to achieve this - BUT - never say neva :))

so,. i'm watching that space xc

ps i'm so honoured to have Mashable subscribe to my FriendFeed today. I was literally "stunned".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Eighteen of the Twitter 365 Project, capture-me

we've been playing with the nexus application on FaceBook... checking the "network" and "links". apparently i'm a social animal... LOL

i have just a couple of connections as you can see from the graph results!!

here's the results (hope the link works anyway):


Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Seventeen of the Twitter 365 Project, where have you been?

OK, so it's saturday morning... it's late, need coffee and the hair is a mess. what better time to have a happy snap for the project? LOL

the project is a year in the life of... so there was gonne be a shot this at some stage, surely? may as well get ti out there !!

some aspects of this project have been confronting - how much do I expose? what do i expose? i have to confess to being fairly controlled in the information i release about my inner workings and day to day life. not everyone needs to know everything - right? i mean we all need balance and in this instance it's online v offline merging through images. yes, it's only a happy snap... but in a way it's also so much more. i have noticed this through other postings from my friends too.

i am almost EXCITED to see where this leads me over the year, and to read back to this and see where my head space is on this subject xc

Day Sixteen of the Twitter 365 Project, in a dream

it was late and i'd completely forgotten to take the foto - so this is me with Audrey. she's my inspiration. what a lady xc

Day Fifteen of the Twitter 365 Project, ummmm

Day Fifteen, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

I can confirm this foto WAS taken after midnite ... and yes i had had too much

ummmmm anyway... we had a ball :) xc

Day Fourteen of the Twitter 365 Project, what a dream

it was my birfday... and what a day it was (i'm still recovering...hence the lack of posts!!). Please forgive me :)) xc

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks for the good wishes on my birfday

Day Thirteen of the Twitter 365 Project, being a teen?

in my dreams... amburger's face says it all.. talking girl is well....... just being talking girl !!

we did dinner for my birfday...

and this is what happens when you put the three of us together in a restaurant. we take photos, we talk about amburger's next blog and talking girls photographic / modeling skills (pulling faces) - and our respective days.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Twelve of the Twitter 365 Project, let's delve

i copied my daughter Amburger with today's entry. adult version with heels instead of trainers. we used the original foto for her facebook fan page, here:

She has such a great knack with first photography & then styling. yes, she is still learning... but she's pretty awesome @ 14 ;p

You can see her Twitter 365 Project here:

Amburger's Flickr

muzzzeer is bragging :-))

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Eleven of the Twitter 365 Project, pink bits

DayEleven, pink bits, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

after all the sunscreen, hat, sunglasses etc i still ended up with pink bits, grrrrrr xc

ps this is part of the Twitter 365 Project (in case you hadn't worked that out yet), it's here:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Ten of the Twitter 365 Project, zen

DayTen, zen, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

the kittens were let outside for the first time this morning and well... once there, didn't really want to come back in. i went back outside a bit later cause it was such a nice day and did a bit of gardening (put my grapevine in and tended the herb tub - huge effort really lol).

time to catch some rays as well. just a couple. xc

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day Nine of the Twitter 365 Project, finished in time

i flopped on the bed as i had been running round moving, cleaning and sorting stuff since 7.30am this morning. i had even gone out and bought a new vacuum cleaner and done the whole house etc etc... so in my head i was being "miss french maid" but in reality i was hot n sweaty and knackered in a tee and tracky dacs!! LOL

always manage to chat online in between times though :)

i love that i can share my day with my friends, have a conversation etc, even when i'm busy. i carry my mobile everywhere... and i ping, twitter, plurk (well, via ping) and facebook from it. so i'm always in touch. and i like that. admittedly the plurk side is a tad one sided from the mobile - sorry guys... but i do check back in later.

i guess not everybody likes to be so accessible - but that's just me. sure there are private times and sure i don't share everything but that's important hey.

"the balance".

some will argue that i don't have it. i argue that i'm OK thanks. each to their own. xc

Day Eight of the Twitter 365 Project, i'm in heaven

here we are at a new bar in the city, across the road from work. a few pals. a few laughs. life's on track :)

we had heard about the "happy hour" via Facebook. the pub being an old staple newly renovated, so seemed a good idea to check out. we went. no-one else did. but we shared a few laffs and drinks.

i guess at some point its ok to admit we're leaders. (bahahaaa tongue firmly in cheek there).

anyway - the group were like "WTF?" when i asked them to line up at the bar like this.

life's short :) xc

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Seven of the Twitter 365 Project, not ready for the world

we all have days where its hard to get started. this morning was that for me. and there i was full frontal at the bathroom mirror thinking, well it's gonna get better!!

it does.

friends call and plans are made and thing s get sorted. life moves on in mysterious ways. i go with the flow... as much as i can anyway. having 2 kids to work around doesn't always lead to a flexible life but i'm happy with my lot.

am really enjoying this little project... it making me look at things with a new perspective. and it's good to "have a hobby" "be active" and "participate". i think too often we, even as onliners, tend to only focus on our own world and opinions. we have such an opportunity to experience and grow our own self just through the lense of others. the fotos that are being contributed to this project are all awesome in their own ways.

some people are shy and don't want to be seen - and their creativity has been tremendous. others are so upfront, one comment i made yesterday was simply "boobs". you can imagine.

onwards... it's all good :) xc

Day Six, no rest for the wicked

There was me thinking this week would be a gentle ease into the year. No so!! My feet were up and reading for a total of 2 minutes... grrrr if that.

I shouldn't complain 'cause I love my job and to be serious I don't normally put my feet up at work - this was for effect only. But, in 2 days back at work, i've already had public relations matters that could have gone a tad aaaargh needing sorting. Delicate stuff. And unusual things for us too...

But we're also full of all the usual banter for the start of a new year. Meeting with senior managers about "what we want to achieve in '09"... team directions like lets get our head wrapped around this little can of worms... and all those sorts of convos. It's been an interesting couple of days. It will get more so over the next few months.

I'm enjoying sharing with you all. But I'm warning, it might get stressy every now and then :))


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Five of the Twitter 365 Project, back to work

so, i got back to work and people are ringing, emailing and talking to "helen".

WTF? Who the hell is helen?

It's actually me. It's my offline name. I feel skitso some days but it works for me so i stick with it. Many of my friends have dual names. Because many are also "onliners". Some names make sense - and many others don't at all. However I always love the dilemma of "what to call someone". Many times it just depends on the scenario or who I'm with as to what I call them. And then other times I just simply love to tease or play or have a laff. At the end of the day, it's a name.

But i like to give each and every one of them their due respects. xc

Day Four of the Twitter 365 Project, in the scheme of things to come

DayFour, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

i say, "just because i can"

i thought i'd post day fours foto as well. heck, i might just post all 365. why not? i'm back to work tomorrow and there is an element of me that's just so not looking forward to it. i could really do with another week or so. but someone's got to earn the wage round here i guess.

aside from coffee's and catching up with family and friends i have certainly put some energy into reading the latest and greatest about online. afterall - that is my job!! i'm not convinced there's any real direction out there yet as to where we all want blogging and social media to head and how it can help, other than an individual writing it, like me... so. onwards.

onwards to the next chapter. or year. working through what to do. why we do.


i am not the type to do a 2009 year of predictions or even a year of "things to do". i am far more "go with the flow". i do know where i'm heading. sure. general direction is good these days. but being flexible is a bigger must.

i have read all the "year 2009..." blogs. all been about 2 sentences long. so, basically NO-ONE KNOWS. yet.

so. lets go with the flow. at least for a bit. xc

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day Three of the Twitter 365 Project

3/1/09, originally uploaded by amber.brooke.

how cool is this?

this is amburger's foto for today, not mine. mine's here:

but check my new nickname: "muzzzeerr" LOL

it's great we are sharing this. what a hoot xc

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day Two of the Twitter 365 Project

DayTwo, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

I managed a DayTwo foto... I performed a little fotoshoot on my kittens who i sprung playing blissfully on my bed!! grrrrr too cute to be cross.

i'm so excited to be included in this project but i do wonder how I will sustain it when i go to work :) I'll deal with that later. but i also wonder how on earth we will keep tabs on the other members of the group ie if they post or not. But it's not for me to worry.

Hope you decided to join in... thanks for everyone's support and comments re my previous post and starting this exercise xc

Day One of the Twitter 365 Project

DayOne, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

so, i've signed up and will be posting a photo each day for 365 days. the full project will all be self-portraits, taken by me. wish me luck.

to join the fun... go here quick: