Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Five of the Twitter 365 Project, back to work

so, i got back to work and people are ringing, emailing and talking to "helen".

WTF? Who the hell is helen?

It's actually me. It's my offline name. I feel skitso some days but it works for me so i stick with it. Many of my friends have dual names. Because many are also "onliners". Some names make sense - and many others don't at all. However I always love the dilemma of "what to call someone". Many times it just depends on the scenario or who I'm with as to what I call them. And then other times I just simply love to tease or play or have a laff. At the end of the day, it's a name.

But i like to give each and every one of them their due respects. xc


Monnie said...

LOL awesome! I figured that was your "real" name a while back, but I'll always call you Charlie :)

You answer to both though? :)

Charlie Robinson said...

always answer to both but get surprised when onliners call me "helen". as in i can distinguish and separate worlds :)) xx

ozegold said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling 'schizo' with two names - I've had the same problem, being known as Dougie offline, and Allan online.

I just tell people to call me anything they like these days - just don't call me late for dinner :)

I wrote about it here: