Thursday, March 25, 2010

25/03/2010:: twitter365

celebrating with rachel again... at least i didnt cry this time (but am so proud still) xxc

Monday, March 22, 2010

22/03/2010:: twitter365

back to work and work hard all week... plus of course there's deadreds this friday :) xc

21/03/2010:: twitter365

ready to celebrate again... xc

Sunday, March 21, 2010

20/03/2010:: twitter365 with rachel

here's where i blogged about wishing Rachel good luck.

and here today i am with her after her win. i was / am so so so sooooooo bludy proud of the girl. she has worked dam hard and she deserves every success. have to confess to balling my eyes out - and so glad i got to give the girlfriend a cuddle even though she was swamped by media. im sure life will go on - just slightly "changed" :)) xx

ps big thanks to margaret for organising us all at the polling booths - and supporting rachel all this time. personal thanks to peter for being there for rachel. im sure everyone's tired and a bit over all the election stuff - but at least it was all worth it. big smiles, partees, celebrations, etc etctec xxx

Friday, March 19, 2010

19/03/2010:: twitter365

couple of lovies xc

17/03/2010:: twitter365

happy st pat's day!!! xc

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14/03/2010:: twitter365

so, we had a big day. picked up Miss JM. went shopping. did 4yr old twins birfday partee and then met friends for band arvo @ the hood. meet nic. here he is. havent known him long but he's a lovely guy. big heart. friendly. friend. looks after me. and my girls. what a champ. nice to meet people with such an honest open heart. no returns. xc

ps and girls he's single... !!

13/03/2010:: twitter365

wOw what a site, crowd and nite. xc

12/03/2010:: twitter365

aaaaaah good friends.
days are made, memories never broken.
a good friend close, your gift is a fortune.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

11/03/2010:: twitter365

queen mary 2 came to town and then left... we sailed beside to wave her off - simply stunning experience!!! xc

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Monday, March 8, 2010

08/03/2010:: twitter365

alice in 3D was awesome... the glasses not so. xc

Saturday, March 6, 2010

07/03/2010:: twitter365

Rachel - who is simply a delightful girl - and her partner Peter - a true gentleman. wonderful people. could rave for hours but you'll get bored. we are at the #saelection campaign launch - Rachel is running for the seat of Adelaide.

i will say this ->> there is one thing about me, if you have my friendship, you have my loyalty. 100% backing. will do everything within my power to support and help. i wish Rachel the very best of everything over the coming couple of weeks. i know she has worked very hard.

as i expect every single politician is the world has and does... they work tirelessly, they are passionate about what they stand for (whether you agree with it or not) and they are people who should be admired and respected. they should be trusted to their core. i know years ago i have voted labour - probably up until just before i moved to sydney - but since ive been home i havent been able to. i just dont get the trust factor shining for me. is it just me? it hasnt felt so lately.

now, we all joke about politicians and how they are all baddies and cant be trusted (as much as we joke about lawyers being sharks and accountants being boring in fact). and yet i find politicians like Nick X seem to have been able to keep their integrity, their strength and their conviction to always do the right thing.

hmmmm funny about that. it must be possible right?

so, i'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, we might get a vote outcome that shows and demonstrates to the winning party that the public of South Australia want a government that is respectful, dignified, trustworthy.

it may not be the party that i want to win at the end of the day. true. but i do hope we send at least THAT message. and that will win it for me. i will continue to sleep at nite.

thank you for listening. xc

05/03/2010:: twitter365

#socadl meeting at the Head. chit chat and famous one liners - all within the 140 character text length. im serious - if you need funny one liners - quick - ask a twitterer... they certainly make you laugh!!!!! xc

04/03/2010:: twitter365

seriously, she looks like my sister!! first time i've met both these characters - and i met a lot more that nite too - but what a ball...

we were celebrating big stuff and there were smiles all round.

interestingly the man in the middle - Nik - does "green loans". id never heard of them before but they're free til June so if you're interested, ask me, and i'll hook you up!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

02/03/2010:: twitter365

i lost a few days there... having too much fun "etc".

with Anti on her balcony to listen to the AC/DC concert... but nope - didnt hear boo. ahahaaaa ah well - they arent as hard rockers as what they used to be obviously?? not sure... hmmmm anyway... still a fun nite xc

28/02/2010:: twitter365

cool jazz, warm arvo, chilled out friends :) xc

27/02/2010:: twitter365

another beach day :)