Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Four of the Twitter 365 Project, in the scheme of things to come

DayFour, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

i say, "just because i can"

i thought i'd post day fours foto as well. heck, i might just post all 365. why not? i'm back to work tomorrow and there is an element of me that's just so not looking forward to it. i could really do with another week or so. but someone's got to earn the wage round here i guess.

aside from coffee's and catching up with family and friends i have certainly put some energy into reading the latest and greatest about online. afterall - that is my job!! i'm not convinced there's any real direction out there yet as to where we all want blogging and social media to head and how it can help, other than an individual writing it, like me... so. onwards.

onwards to the next chapter. or year. working through what to do. why we do.


i am not the type to do a 2009 year of predictions or even a year of "things to do". i am far more "go with the flow". i do know where i'm heading. sure. general direction is good these days. but being flexible is a bigger must.

i have read all the "year 2009..." blogs. all been about 2 sentences long. so, basically NO-ONE KNOWS. yet.

so. lets go with the flow. at least for a bit. xc


Daisy said...

Going with the flow is good. I'm enjoying your pictures so far!

Charlie Robinson said...

thankx Daisy :)) xx