Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Two Hundred and One

i was in the middle of having cops over as the place had been burgled. nasty. fortunately not too bad. they did my home over worse last year when i was living elsewhere...

big sucker locks, security alarms and all the rest have been ordered. mainly peace of mind for my daughter who tends to come home from school to find this sh*t out, not because there is anything valuable in the house!!!

crazy world again xc

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Two Hundred

Day Two Hundred, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

what a milestone. and not a piccy of me - i'm playing peek a boo.

this friday marks the occasion of my dead reds wine group meeting for the first time in the barossa. i have a heap of bottles for sale as well - this is one.

check here:

gotta do more work (like get a license) to sell on ebay!! but hey, it all goes to charity so contact me to buy up good ( :) xc

Day One Hundred & Ninety Nine

then my fallen angel fell... into a really big crazeee partee nite. what a FAB time i had. i can sincerely say i have no idea what time said picture was taken however as i apparently didnt get home til about 4 and went back today for the recovery partee i'm paying tribute to 2 days as it was epic. seems only fair?

girls gotta let her hair down occasionally. xc

Day One Hundred & Ninety Eight

it all started so innocently... a christmas in july partee at girlfriends house.

im here with bruce, my best friend :)

we all started together at my place. couple of bubbles, bit of lippy and we were off... xc

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day One Hundred & Ninety Seven

tru colours.

we went to see the gig. love listening to becky & ian sing. its a mixture of fun stuff plus singaolongs and just really cool tooones. we always have a ball.

my crowd were a bit quieter as we all didnt want big ones due to a partee on saturday BUT for me, i was still head cold and slow. i left once the guys finished their sets and snuggled into bed. needed it!!

now, lets get ready for the weekend :) xc

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day One Hundred & Ninety Six

this is how i have viewed the world these past two days. cushioned through the soft glow of a white tissue. xc

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day One Hundred & Ninety Five

"suck it up princess"

i even found the tee:

i was trying to brave this man flu but its just a runny nose in the sinus. feel crap and hung in bed all nite so i guess the old bod is complaining on some level.

i need me some Hot Toddies? LOL LOL LOL

will see how it pans tomorrow :)

nite folks xc

just hit level 3 on thesixtyone! -

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day One Hundred & Ninety Four


some days it's just unbelievable. we used to have the 20 minute city in that you could get ANYWHERE in that time. these days thats simply impossible. and it's not even really because there's more cars on the road. i put it down to bad traffic management.

for some sections of my drive to work i zip through, cross major intersections and carry on. i use some backstreets - maily the section to get Miss JM dropped to school and then get back on my way. but then there are some sections of the road that take 30 minutes to travel one single kilometre.


no idea except when you eventually make it to the traffic lights you realise it only allows 4 cars through at a time. you and the other 100 cars waiting were obviously travelling in the wrong direction and so got the short change on the raffic lights.

frustrating to say the least. espcially when it turns a 40 minute drive to work into a an hour and thirty minutes like it did this morning.

grrrrrr so unimpressed it's not funny.

Day One Hundred & Ninety Three

its sunday. whooohooo. i've declared this day off day from charlie day. i figured it was deserving - i'm over half way through the year and it is sunday after all. day of rest.

we had a fantastic sunday drive through the hills up to lobethal markets. nice coffee. tired food. yummy lollies. great shop out back for hats. strange people in costume dancing in square. random.

anyway, one could have thought it was going to go pair shaped because miss JM got motion sick (and yes, threw up), billy picked up a cow pat thinking it was a stick to throw (and yes, got covered in poo) and michael used his GPS (errrr, dirt roads & GPS's? hmmm).

ooops. one would think technology would make things easier.

i guess it typically would. unless its michael. and then well, anything could happen. and does. so we key addy's into the GPS and end up in the middle of no where.

it's a great game when out driving - you should try it. seriously.

what a laff!!! xxx

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day One Hundred & Ninety Two

scary. i'm a shocker.

i really did try and take a serious one but i was in ham it up mode. it's was TAO's 25th birthday celebration and we all had to go as something starting with our name.

we i picked "hillbilly" for Helen, or "country girl" for Charlie. take your pick but in the end i just looked like a daggy little girl with pigtails. it's funny what a dress up will make you do. even changed my dance style. LOL

i'm here with @grumba who i haven't seen for a while but i know she knows i take lots of silly fotos.

so, life's good :) xc

Day One Hundred & Ninety One

meet dillon.

he kept us entertained with the band on friday nite. for dillion its not just about the music, it's about the food. nice bit of chicken soup anyone?

i had a fun nite listening to some good music and taking photos with dana's camera :) xc

the band is the steve lennox band. i have 500 fotos of steve lennox now too LOL (on dana's camera).

Day One Hundred & Ninety

we looked like we were in for a bit of a band week and i'd never been to the grace emily before (seriously), so it was on for young and old as we stopped in after a feed @ chinatown.

the paul appelkamp band were up. they sang one song and stopped.

ummmm. OK.

"can we hear another one please mista, at or do you only sing one? and if you only sing one, can we hear it again please, cause we liked it."

"it's OK, that was just a sound check"


they were good and so we had a few beers :) xc

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty Nine

staff meeting... with magician. random!! xc

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty Eight

(happy bastille day)

Mick’s Maille is a jewelery company formed to bring the art of Chainmaille into modern times. They will be joining us for Dead Reds in the Barossa ( ).

The art of Chainmaille has been around for centuries. Originally it was designed to protect a soldier against close combat weapons and many missile attacks, such as arrows and slings. It was designed to be flexible and conform with the combatants movements, yet strong enough to repel blows from these attacks.

Chainmaille is French, meaning Chain Weave. It is made of hundreds of interlocking rings in a chain weave pattern. The Chainmaille armour took many months to make and cost a soldier an average of a years wage. It survived as a cheap and effective form of defence, for many centuries during the medieval period.

Today the art of Chainmaille is still around in its original form and is emerging as a current fashion trend (check ‘s latest range including a chainmaille jacket).

At Dead Reds Barossa, you will have the opportunity to view some of the beautiful pieces. All pieces can be ordered on the day and some will be available for purchase. Once you own your own Mick’s Maille piece, we are certain it will become a wonderful talking point amongst your friends and family.

PS I'm holding a page from the latest style magazine showing the Eastern Peason chainmaille jacket...

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Monday, July 13, 2009

just hit level 2 on thesixtyone! -

Day One Hundred & Eighty Seven

status re social networking sites & charlie's interaction with them...

a) have started twittering again via 2 accounts (my personal one and my corporate/work). mainly as the adelaide crowd finally picked it up (co-inciding with our premier using it). i am however only really using it for PR and link releases. not really enjoying the interaction as i dont have the time to have a conversation (which is a shame) but it's quite time consuming to try and watch the threads... to help me manage, I am using hootsuite (work/home) & dabr (on mobile)

b) i quite often use twitpic bia dabr to get my daily foto to the web (so that i can download it ready for flickr). crazy but work's not keen on the mobile connecting with the laptop. so, am workign within limitations.

c) i tried msn for a while and hated it. well, that's probably too strong an emotion but it's not really for me to be frank. all too immediate, demanding and rushed LOL... maybe i'm too laidback?

d) i used to love the interaction on plurk... however the "social" on plurk went a bit pear shaped, incestuous and exclusive in my humble opinion (and many may object and that's cool - we all have our own opinion). i still plurk occasionally... but my karma is dropping quickly :(

e) all this coincided with the facebook status' providing the ability to interact. so i feel i now have a similar chat experience on facebook that i went to plurk for - in fact that's the reason i liked plurk. there are no secrets though!!

so, most of my interaction is via facebook now. ive sorted through a lot of the privacy issues by administering my friend list better, and i have groups of people with different settings etc... so, im making that work more for me. it's looking like it's all facebook at the moment!!

next week could be completely different.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty Six

had a lovely day with friends trying some new aromatherapy products that another friend has started to sell. i'm all scrubed clean and it feels lovely :)

this is what we did:

Sensational Skin & Hair
Discover how to make your own skin and haircare using Aromatherapy.

= fun!! :) xc

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty Five

took the kids bowling for billy's birfday. havent been for ages and miss JM whipped all our arses. severely!! she scored like 130 or something... bahahaaaaa clever chicky.


Day One Hundred & Eighty Four

we joined a beer competition. its all about beer appreciation and we have to drink at least one beer every three months. now, that cant be too hard surely!!!

there are 85 beers. and it all happens at the earl of leister :)

let's go!!!

Original photo set of Maria's :

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty Three

my original facial expression series:

i had so much fun :)
thought it time to have another go xc

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty Two

he's getting better :)

it's was so good to see him looking this healthy again. quite chirpy and chatty and starting to remember all the little things.

but he has to remember to eat his dinner or he wont grow strong again... oh, and no chasing nurses (yet... LOL) xc

ps and do as Liz says and chew 30 times. tehehe

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

listening to Thrilla by Villains -

Day One Hundred & Eighty One

you guessed it. im in my oasis again. happy. missing amburger but am OK. have day off tomorrow to take Miss JM to the movies. never used to take holidays for the kids - it was always vacation care etc etc. then i realised life was too short and work will survive. i wont cause it will be piled up when i get back - but so be it.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Day One Hundred & Eighty

breakfast meeting. first thing. plus first day of school holidays. probably all a bit rushed. but it ended with good outcomes. so that's all good hey. xc

ps ET foned home. as in amburger. she arrived safe and all is well :) mummy is happy xc

Sunday, July 5, 2009

listening to Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie -

Day One Hundred & Seventy Nine

a day of mixed emotions.

really hapi for amber as she's off on hols to see her dad. he lives in england.

really sad because the last time i let her go, he didn't send her back (or even let her see me) for 9 years. too many emotions in that little bundle to explain via a blog however i suspect you can imagine the underlying tension in taking her to the airport today. we ended up yelling at each other. which of course i feel really bad about. but we hugged goodbye and i cried after she left. and i want her to come home sooner rather than later.

so much sweetness from her friends today. they want her home too.

this is one of those moves that needs to be done. for her as well as me. she needs to move on to love and i need to trust again. perhaps it will be a healing time for us both. i do hope so. everyone needs a healthy relationship with both their mummy and daddy... and no-one needs scraps. and she's still a kid, even if she does act all grown up sometimes.

the cutest thing today was when i put my foot down for her and said she had to go as unaccompanied minor to the attendant. her dad hadn't booked her as such and she freaked out. in my stupidity i thought this was sensible because of her age really. HOWEVER the look of relief when i changed my mind for her. i guess it's the little things we have to watch for. a lesson learnt. xc

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day One Hundred & Seventy Eight

its a lazy saturday and i haven't done much except a heap of gardening and stuffing up plans with friends LOL

but plans were always meant to be broken. especially in the essence of needing to remain flexible... and i'm like that :) xc

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day One Hundred & Seventy Seven

who's silly now? xc

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day One Hundred & Seventy Six

electricity. everyone wants it, needs it, hates it when they dont get it. and it comes from one of these things. see that big chimmney in the background? that's the generation plant.

(my day job) we move it.

Day One Hundred & Seventy Five

so, here i am in port augusta on site @ davenport. i can take this shot because the site is under construction and not energised. if it was energised, there's no way i'd be holding a camera or mobile above my head!! xc