Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Forty Two of the Twitter 365 Project, look @ you!!

meet phil. or spaz. or whatever ya wanna call him really. as long as it's not late for his (tummy conscious) dinner.

phil is my web developer.

he created http://www.electranet.com.au/ and www.electranet.com.au/careers for me (of course under my expert guidance LOL)

we're @ a coffee shop on unley road near his offices. and who runs it now - but maria!!! maria is Vito's sister. Vito runs universal wine bar - where i'm heading tonight (and generally have lived quite a few moments of my life these past years...). gosh. it's all quite connected this world isn't it.

this big wide web. xc

ps Phil's website is here: http://www.plastyk.com.au (edited and hopefully now works!!)


Ro said...

http://www.blogger.com/www.plastyk.com.au comes up with http 404 Error

Charlie said...


try this:

fingers crossed the conversion works this time!!

Ro said...

sure www.plastyk.com.au WORKS - but does not register a "click-thru" ----- wink