Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Fifty Three, its now just me

on this day for the past eight years i have sent out a little email to my friends. it goes like this:

Who do you wish to remember on February 23rd?

We have so many days for remembering war victims, people in disasters, terrorist attacks, workers killed on the job, and bomb blasts. All valid and all wanted.

The difference.

This day is a time to remember those moments in time enjoyed with people we love. Still love. Still alive or only in spirit, memory. To stop a second.

Just because.


Up to you if you do (the above) or not. It's my little thing to try and make a better world. To try and make people stop and appreciate what they have. Not that i never "didn't"... i did and do appreciate so so much. xc

PS the date confusion happens every year. i have been reprimanded many times. the 22nd is accurate. 23rd is when i learnt of my twin bro's death (why i remember that date so vividly. time to correct myself) :(


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Abimbola said...

Here's to your brother and the good memories you shared...