Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Fifty Four, not a bore

meet amanda (again - she's been on here before), from SA Great - she's great... Amber Petty and Cosi from SAFM's morning radio show. i went to Whyalla in support of amanda's speaker's in school program (company sponsor's it) and these 2 extra characters turned up. of course there were a heap more people but i got the best funny shots with this lot.

the SA Great Speakers in Schools program is offered to schools all over the state. it features speakers (hence why amber & cosi were there), from a diverse range of careers and backgrounds. we also had heidi on the trip with us... and she's a marine bilogist from PIRSA's fisheries department.

one kid got REALLY excited when she found out she really COULD be called a fishologist...!! go figure. anyway.

these inspiring South Australians inform students about the vast range of opportunities available here in our state and encourage them to aim high to pursue their career and lifestyle goals. it's an awesome program, run by an awesome chick doing a stellar job - in a sometimes thankless environment... but... someone's gotta do it.

i go along to listen, enjoy the ride and see what else the company can be doing to help support the program... like today i set up a FaceBook page for them:


(contact is speakers@sagreat.com.au)


Charlie said...

Amber just turned out to be my first (met & spoken to) http://www.asmallworld.net/press/ qualified person... yippee

Abimbola said...

Thanks for the post.

The SA Great Speakers in School Program is a great idea.

Good luck with the project. It should inspire the students and would be student...

Teresa McNamara said...

That sounds like a wonderful program to be involved with Charlie!