Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Thirty Seven of the Twitter 365 Project, legs eleven

Day Thirty Seven,, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

one of my besties, Antoinette. we take THE MOST fotos together EVER. we are camera whores... absolutely have a ball whenever she's around. we play.

she owns a GORGEOUS fashion boutique on King Willy Road in Hyde Park called Tuscany Hyde Park. I would simply adore to be able to afford the entire store but it's not possible LOL

so i admire her style and trends... and get advise :))

and she comes to me sometimes when she wants to talk online. i can be pretty frank and honest with her - so whilst i can't do the work (don't have time) i can at least help her cut through the crap she hears (and let me tell you i've heard it ALL through her).

people sometimes forget - or just dont realise - that online isn't as easy as it sometimes seems. there a hell of a lot of work,dedication and stamina needed... sure it's easy if you just want a pretty picture and a contact page... but if you want customers and drive through your website - there's just SO MUCH work involved. seriously.




JimBob51 said...

Love your blog - ain't that the truth - there never has been a push over sale - people who think the web is easy or social networking is the new medium need to get over themselves - it is still hard work - you still have to knock on 10 virtual doors before you even get a sniff of a sale.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Welcome to blogging! rofl rofl