Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Thirty Five of the Twitter 365 Project, my little hive

here i am @ work surrounded by my family fotos. they go with me everywhere. my kids are just so so so precious. but you know i've been a workaholic for so long it took ages for me to learn a good work/life balance.

but i'm in my 40's now. and i reckon i'm there. i love my job - and pump 100% into it. but i love my family and the environment i create around me equally. and my kids don't just see a mum cooking and cleaning. no not this one. my home energy goes into organising events, catching up with family, friends and just being there.

i don't always get it right. but who does?

it pains me when family give each other grief. it pains me when friends can't be civil.

when once i would dive in and try and "rescue" or "sort it out", these days i bite my tongue (altho sometimes when i bite so hard it hurts i do have to say something LOL). (but i have learnt a few lessons on that front).

i have just accepted and come to the realisation that my energy is better spent on positive action, not issues and things to bog me down. like i said - i don't always get it right - but i do try. its like when things change in our lives. homes, relationships, jobs, friends, loves, clothes even...

my greatest earth friends say "OK, let's join the ride"... and i love that. if i could give just 10% of that attitude back to them, i will. hopefully they agree i give them the full 100%. well, at least 80% :)

i think its called unconditional love. and i LOVE it xc


JimBob51 said...

xoxoxo :)

Charlie Robinson said...

my darling friend Quinny wrote this but it didn't save... so she inboxed... i said i would post for her :))


Hi Charlie,

I think Im doing this right, guess we'll find out if you get it lol..

I just read your comments , and I do understand your frustrations..I know how extremely hard it is being a single parent, trying to find the right balance and doing everything you can to make it run smoothly.

I have much admiration for your energy and determination in having a great home/work life balance. I also know that pleasing everyone aka family/friends etc is a big headache on its own sometimes.

Things get thrown into the mix e.g. Health, Love etc etc..The list just goes on. The one thing that got me through all the hard times is the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of some people and the most important of those were my two daughters ( the reason why I breath ).

Charlie I hope you continue to get it right for you and your beautiful daughters, if it feels right in your heart then you're on the right track.

One piece of advice if I may say ( which you're probably already doing anyway ) and which was invaluable for myself and my daughters, is to have a weekly sit down with no distractions !!!.. just the three of you and talk about the week that was and if they have any problems.. You will be amazed what you can find out sometimes lol...

Stay strong Charlie, people will come and go in your life, true friends will always be there to love and support you, not just through the good times, but the not so good times also..remember that

Love Quinny xoxo