Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Fifty Five, this is the biggest room ever for a hotel in the middle of the outback, in a dive

seriously. i have just stayed in a twin share in melbourne with my (not so small) mother and it was a quarter the size of this room. obviously real estate isn't as expensive - and yet i hear housing prices in whyalla are astronomical?? crazy... xc


Ro said...

Ha Ha ..... those TWO Queeni size beds are for (1) Snorers and (2) Dutch Ovens.....pmsl

Gordie said...

Catching up on blogs after a week on the road, here. I was in Liverpool, in a hotel with a bed so huge that I woke up sleeping widthways against the headboard, and headbutted the wall when I tried to get up to pee.

Charlie said...

ahhaaaaa that's hysterical Gordie (sorry to laff at you - noooo i was really laffing WITH you)... and Rowan - the TWO Queeni size beds were very lonely and boring LOL (ooops i did it again) xc