Monday, February 2, 2009

Day Thirty Three of the Twitter 365 Project, look @ meeee

i read a really interesting article about personal branding today @ work... here's the link:

i posted it to FaceBook as well.

in amongst my posted items on FaceBook at the time of reading this article were pictures from a partee i held on the weekend, links to other stories like the one above, links to my blog & Flickr, messages and interesting items that i've also commented on. an assortment.

i had to double take (and laff) - because here was me sitting in the office in my brand spanking new uniform, aligning myself to the corporate brand (i maintain!!), whilst looking at fotos of me in a rock chick (70's) outfit carrying on like a pork chop at a partee.

i did find it curious the double life i lead amusing, it gets sooooo intertwined c/o said web. xc


Gordie said...

Why still no post from Day 31? I thought the WolfMother pose was very fetching!