Monday, February 23, 2009

Day Fifty Three, busy as a bee

just realised how much I had on my plate? as if i hadn't before, but it all came tumbling down today. chucked out a HEAP of work that i had been procrastinating about (basically because i hadn't had the time to process it).

chucked out - as in "did".

i guess we all need time to digest content, requests, suggestions and attitudes in order to make an informed judgment and successful outcome. the world travels at such a fast pace these days - and i'm not complaining as miss impatient here - but one thing i have learnt is the first immediate solution isn't always the best.

it is however the first "solution" that triggers a thought...

this thought spurs us into motion. and gets us going. there's been a lot of it going on lately. and it's feeling like we're on the right road... xc