Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day Thirty Four of the Twitter 365 Project, on the floor

the things we do to get in (and take) a foto... rowan's car had to be put in for service, he needed a lift, i had to get kid to cubs, so he had to tag along, so he got in the foto. he's not all that impressed i don't think. but i think it's a hoot (obviously). this is my usual tuesday nite spot - fasta pasta.

we actually sat, ate and did a whole lot of talking and calendar planning for the Lion King Puppies Relay For Life team. The FaceBook Group is here :


As Rowan wrote/said to the group:
"The “Relay for Life” is held in 23 countries around the world and is the single biggest fundraiser in the world. ... so, just to clarify this whole LION KING thing, it all came about as a series of conversations and mucking about. I (Rowan) certainly do not have any illusions of this being “my project” – it just ended up that way. I want this to be EVERYONE’s project. Having said that I am committed to the whole cause, especially things like charities involving children, AIDS, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer and homelessness (which in 1st world countries usually involves Mental Health issues)...."

Me being involved (charlie) has been inspirational. Rowan is just so dedicated to making a difference. He has BIG plans... and I'm excited to be able to take part. It will all take place (the walk) March 28, 2009 at Santos Stadium in Adelaide... so if you want to be involved, let me know!! xc