Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Lion King Puppies @ the start

here we are at the start.... we had a few ups and downs along the way, with one team member being carted off to hospital (either the miss relay session was all too much OR he pulled a really good excuse not to have to help packing up). but yes, we made it til the end.

and, yes, it was exhausting.

the ups and downs taught me a lot. how much we really know a person... or in fact how much we don't. for me though, it's about listening and just helping when we can.

i got the captain tag because i registered the first team when we joined. but we ended up with three teams. and its been an interesting experience. to be honest the group(s) floundered seriously from a whole heap of things...

in a nutshell many team members ended up grumpy and having a whinge. i didn't take the reigns early enough on i guess (but i had two events to pull off this weekend and there's a limit) and so what i was meant to do as team leader never really worked like a fine tuned beast (as one people pointed out to me on the day).

there are fantastic people who just pitch in and get on with stuff... they are there from the start, right til the end. they put up their hand, volunteer and take on extra duties without fliching or worrying. unfortunately one of them ended up in hospital from his lack of complaining (chest pains and difficulty breathing and he still wanted to keep walking!!! aaargh).

but i find some people LOVE to express their opinions from the comfort of their chair. ask them to do something and they run. for them there will ALWAYS be someone else there to carry the burdon.

at the end of the day it makes a team. of sorts.

my captaincy is over. i'll let the experts do it next time. that said, i am so glad we got to honour Quinny as a survivor. i'm personally happy i was able to contribute as my cousin is currently floundering... as are many others to this horrible disease. so every little effort in raising money helps.

now we can rest (for a sec). bring on the next one. i'm in the team. in the meantime... big hugs go to mick... we know you'll be good again soon... xx