Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Sixty Nine, having a good time

i lived in sydney for nearly eight years and i genuinely LIKE returning for a VISIT. only.

have i turned into a scaredy cat? it's fast furious competitive pace? it's offer of wonderfully exciting and challenging jobs. it's pay. it's ability to make me reach out and learn faster, harder and be more clever. it's fun, exciting social scene.

no i don't think so.

i just really LIKE ADELAIDE. i know all the faults with this place but i also know the benefits and i can honestly say i do prefer adelaide. or RADelaide as Kelly Nobel (of GLAM Adelaide) made famous.

so, i enjoyed my 2 days at ad:tech and will probably return next year (to keep me on pulse), however... i'm happy to have come home to the chilled glass of wine and sunsets :) xc