Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Seventy Nine, it's not a crime

but it would be if i was driving when i took this foto!

i have seen so much of the inside of my car this week. the clipsal road show is in town. yah. NOT. adelaide turned into a car park over nite. so, using the new service that our Premier loves to much, i twittered him and asked him to consider putting more buses on the road next year - a week BEFORE the event.

he twittered back. much to my amusement :)

PremierMikeRann @charlierobinson Thanks Charlie. I'll talk to Transport Minister Pat Conlon about your idea. 5:11 PM Mar 19th from web in reply to charlierobinson

At least he listened - and took the time. xc


Richard Pascoe said...

I am sure the premier replied , or maybe it was one of the $100,000 media advisors.

steve said...

Richard, you overlook that it might also have been Sascha!

Richard Pascoe said...

Yeah right