Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Seventy Five, celebration for being alive

t was Rowan's birthday and we went out to din dins with his friend Richard. it's a think they do as they share the same date! Richard's a lovely man, completely in to his wine and Karen, his friend, had spent lunchtime at Magil Estate with her son... so we all had a bit in common - especially with my Dead Reds Wine Group coming up !!

the Dead Reds event - Wake 4 is in full final throws for planning. i have arranged a foto shoot for next week so that we appear in the paper. we are starting to generate a bit of publicity through the media which is awesome. i've always said i don't want the group to grow too big (too much to handle) but i do like the idea of unearthing more people who will find this type of event a heap of fun.

many people still have the initial impression it's a snobby thing for people who like "good" old wine (read expensive) but it's so not. it's also not some goth underground grungy thing (which has been associated to the term "wakes".

this is really a casual event for the regular folk who have wine in their house / pantry / wine rack that they are just really unsure about... perhaps have had that litle bit too long and have no idea what it will end up tasting like. it's these bottles we love to open... just to see how they have faired over the test of time.

some are seriously NICE, some are seriously DEAD!!! and it's a hoot working out which is which xc