Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Sixty Eight, we wait (for ad:tech sydney)

attending ad:tech sydney 2009 was far more influential this year. why? was it because the ad crew are getting it? or was it simply because we have all come a long way since ad:tech sydney 2008? words like "influence", "conversation" and "engage" are not generally ones that spring from the likes of ad agency staff.

and granted there are MANY still fixed on the big bang theory BUT the conference audience now strongly fed back the need for longevity in a (media/ad) campaign (ie not 2 months - lets talk 2 years), budgets coming from customer service/PR and the need for a company to get on the social scene, not be afraid of what MIGHT be said and just listen.

interaction is HUGE. facebook applications that are games, engaging audiences online and offline is a must and brands that shy away in the background (think subtle) so that the focus is on user experience are ESSENTIAL.

my quote "social media is the new black, email and static websites the brown cardigan".

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