Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Seventy One, when does a team becomes one?

??? ever ???

my daughter rows.

it's a lifestyle sport in that it's a family and school team effort to keep her fit, able and available for training and regattas. she trains all week and then goes to regattas that take up the entire saturday. it can be a drain but for now she enjoys it and so we make it happen.

to be frank, she does a lot of it by her own steam... which is tremendous for a 14 year old. there will come a day when homework and study will take over, but for now, that's life.

i talk about this because after yesterday's regattas she was a tad let down that some other members of the team weren't pulling their weight. when you have one kid willing to catch buses across town just so they can BE THERE and then others who just rock up and chat and don't take it seriously, well it can grate on the friendship. BIG TIME.

however, in a way, it is teaching her a valuable life lesson. as humans we all have varying standards and attitudes. and we all dont do things at the same pace. whilst one will throw themselves in full force and organise motivate and encourage the others, the others will sit back and wait for it all to happen for them. quite happily.

even in my 40's i see this. i see it at work, i see it amongst my friends and family. it's not wrong and its not bad. it's just the way we are. as humans.

the challenge is to remain focused on your own goals. your own things that make YOU happy. and this is what i try and teach her. don't be diverted and swayed away from where you want to go... STAY ON TRACK. xc