Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Eighty, yah, i'm still here

even if that doesn't rhyme, i don't care!!

ok, i'm enjoying this process but i never in a million years thought i would last this long.

D A Y . E I G H T Y

it's kinda weird but it's been fun... and it has certainly turned heads and made conversations along the way. still a long way to go (gosh - how excited will i be if and when i hit Day 100, or 200!!!).

is there a prize at the end? no. bugga. simple personal selfish enjoyment i guess.

if anyone feels like commenting about how they have found this process of me posting every day - i would love to hear from you (from any avenue - twitter, plurk, blog, facebook)...



Rowan Timms said...


Amanda said...

Congratulations Charlie. Its been great to follow you around over the last 80 days. Makes my life seem a bit boring! x

Ian said...

Charlie, I've found your daily posts extremely enjoyable. I know it can't be easy doing that, but hang in there... only about 285 to go! :-)

michael h. said...

heya, well done on sticking with it. i like day 80's photo very much.