Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day Sixty Six, pick up sticks

OK so day sixty five is a camera download by a friend away... and i'm not sure when i'll get it - so, we keep moving.

so, day sixty siz...

spent the day in the front garden turning over the soil and putting in some new mulch... it was dry as and in desperate need of some tender loving care!! next step is to put down some bark, get some thyme & pansies or something in there and sit back and smile.

its a work in progress. xc


Shelley Heath said...

Gardens are always a work in progress but they pay you back big time.
I need to do more of the mulch thing, these days every garden bit of rubbish apart from weeds goes back on the garden to be mulch and eventually compost. Mind you sometimes I get blisters from cutting things up with clippers but it saves the wheelie bin for real rubbish