Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Seventy Three, crumbling around me

OK, i'm in incognito... it's not really me at all. Is it ?

There are some days when we feel 100% on top of the world and everything is singing and coming up roses. And then, well, there are some that simply don't. I can't complain, I didn't have a bad day... but I had one of those days that just didn't gel. It didn't seem right in the world.

I panic when I get this feeling I have to confess because the last time it did for REAL, well... I found out some pretty horrific news. So, OK. It's not one of those days. It's not that bad. Good.

But it's just not right. Why? Who knows.

I had an average day at work... I feel slightly pressured about amount on my plate, but it's been worse. I had another great meeting with Amanda from SA Great. I got a stack of stuff done. My kids are happy and fed and not whinging, so no bad stuff there. Certainly I disappointed my eldest yesterday with some news but we'll work that one through, so OK... what is it?

I really don't know.

It's just this nagging feeling. So, tonight I'm incognito whilst I work it through and out. Time for patience xc