Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day One Hundred & Three, see...

The conversation started like...
Charlie - please update: where are we on the ROI Issue?
Becky #401

Charlie resp:
ROI = value. quality. together.

"cant do mass, give A listers a miss, cant play bass, gotta have some sass, smile at me; dont pass."

Becky resp:
'K - Dissecting your statement here:
"Can't do mass" = are you putting a 'lid on it' again, Charlie?!

Just wondered RE: your approach...
Signed, '#401'-and-glad-of-it ;) OX

Hey Becky #401 ♥ -

[A] i have no need for mass. I have people I interact with, learn from, people who I work with, socialise / friends / family, people who are in my groups... and how do i get them? well i'll leave mass to (the function of) advertising. i dont need my personal account to deal with that?

is my thinking at the moment.

i whittled down to 800 recenly HOWEVER, it's still exploratory and i refuse to give myself a ceiling (this time) as i know ceilings are there to be shattered so easily LOL, that means i could go to 5000 if people are the categories above etc... but the list becomes a little more exclusive, selective and targeted.

does that make sense? no idea if it will work - but ya gotta try hey!!

so there I was sitting in the back of the room with a bunch of new speakers for the SA Great Speakers in Schools program wondering how I can encourage my colleagues to get on board and give this a go.

ROI = value. quality. together.