Monday, April 20, 2009

Day One Hundred & Seven, the funk doorstop 4 lunch was heaven?


OK boys and girls, back to work.

And yes, I do have to WORK with Jimbo occasionally.

Quite frankly he has a rather handy online eLearning system with a lovely blog/social network interface that I'd like rolled out throughout our company. we're still working through the nuts and bolts but its application will be used across a variety of business needs - some big, some small but all important.

oh. and i'd really like an eNews platform. soon. xc

PS that's alan with him - his IT wizzkid schemer doer and business development customer service supremo guy... not sure what Jimbo does -> smile?

LOL (ok ok im teasing. settle petal)


By Mail
Level 1, 99 Frome Street
Adelaide SA 5000

By Phone
Telephone +61 8 8412 5100
Facsimile +61 8 8232 0555
Help Line 1800 001 999

By Email

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Anonymous said...

The etc link does not work - do you have another link or a phone number for this business please?

Charlie said...

hope that helps :)