Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day Ninety Nine, what a time

so in walks a 43yr old with her fella and her 9yr old to an event made for 18-30yr olds. the music was awesome... the event was dusty (red dust got everywhere), the kids were having a heap of fun and i got some great fotos... the looks we got though were hilarious!!!

WTF? was on most faces... ahahahaaaaa. we didn't bother. we had complimentary tickets in and we only stayed a few hours. i really just wanted to check out the concept and the set up seeing as it was the first time anything like this had been done in Adelaide - and probably australia. to my knowledge anyway.

we got round to check out three of the stages - couldn't find the fourth as it was too large a place and it was getting dark. miss JM was getting tired by then so we left.

really happy (after procrastinating all day) that i went. i LOVE live music and the bands we heard whilst there were excellent :) xxc