Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day One Hundred & One, starting line gun

major milestones in the work place are celebrated in various different ways. whilst i cant tell you yet what we are celebrating, i'm pretty chuffed we are!!

here we are signing the milestone calendar.

Carlos, my colleague, has worked really hard on this project and is going on leave back to Peru for a holiday. he can now go with the clear mind that things are in place to move forward.

its a good feeling.

i guess not all things work according to plan. but with a clear goal and some stubborn determination you can pull through anything. this project has been chugging along for at least a year. various issues and problems along the way have road blocked, stalled and hijacked us til now. no longer.

off we go. bring it on. xc


Rowan Timms said...

GR8 story..... always good to Celebrate !!! xo xo xo