Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Eighty Nine, we stand in line

well, it's end of day one and we are off to the conference dinner. there was me thinking i woul dget the nite off to chat and visit with friends but alas no... there's rest for this little black duck as i've said before.

we decided to catch the ferry to the place so we could be tourists for at least 5 minutes.

the additional partee member in this shot is paul... who is communications and stakeholder relations for ETSA.

the first day of the conference has gone beyond my wildest expectations. we are abuzz, energised and bursting with energy (LOL). to sit in a room full od communication personnel, talk sh*t about electricity and all "get it" was just awesome.

the nite (after this shot) was equally as good... such a friendly welcoming - open and knowledgeable crowd. i can't speak more highly xc