Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Ninety Two, we love you

and the season is over!!! yah. but as the coach said, don't stop, keep going and be prepared for next season. well, OK. but please dont make me get up at 7am on saturday mornings for a little while... i need a break!!

i'm standing here with Felicity & Claudio who are absolute troupers. great people. always out there with camera and video in hand. Claudio made last years annual DVD wrap up and will again this year i suspect :)



Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I remember those early-morning starts when i used to be the bowman in the local public school eight, back in the early 80's! Great times! Our fasted 500 was 6 seconds short of Olympic time! not bad for 16/17-yo schoolboys, huh? lol. We used to WHIP the arses of all the private schools we raced against, much to their shame! we were just a local public school using borrowed boats! Muwahahahaa!

JimBob51 said...

Saints and Seymour rule the day tho' :))

Murfomurf said...

You're a good faithful parent, Charlie- most can't take it! A friend of mine's husband used to be the Walford Rowing Master and their family had rowing constantly for years and years- their daughter was a real champ too. Not my idea of fun! Spotrick's old friends in Sydney had their daughter in the Fort St girl's team as well and now her mother rows in the seniors/parents team- nutso- she used to be the ultimate couch potato/peel me a grape type! The daughter stopped long ago... I was only ever a cox for the SA women's 4 when they were training for Tennessee and then I got too fat (=weighed more than 42Kgs!!)

Charlie said...

@mal that's a pretty cool achievement!! it's funny how the public v private debate rages away... however i know that a private school would rather side with a public if the only other choice was another private. interesting.

there is actually 2 private boys schools who are serious rivals and this year they had to step up security to keep the boys "enthusiasm" in check. they were told if they didn't self-secure... professional guards would be brought to the event next year. hmmmmm now that would/could mean the parents didn't get their champers breakky (god forbid)...

so, for the love of rowing they kept their boys well behaved LOL

the day turned out well. xc

ps @grumba i can imagine you as a cox :)

pps @jimbo bummer you couldn't make it in the end but amburger was OK as she was embarrassed by her teams effort!!!