Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day One Hundred & Ten, i'm hiding in my den

the world is a crazy place and moves in strange ways. i say a lot of things here on my blog and it's a fairly "exposing" thing to do. i dont have the million followers and fame that some boast. i dont even have thousands. but i can claim a happy statistic and i'm sure each of you are riding this jolly little rollercoaster with me.

i'm trying to remain semi-intelligent so that Gordie doesn't tell me off. i'm trying to remain witty and charming, and i am trying not to expose too much of my fragility. but i'm sure we all have those moments in our life when we just have to say "fuck it - today was hard". but for many reasons today was also extremely excellent. so i guess with every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

and fortunately my silver lining sparkles and glows.

so. onwards. soldiers.

hey - also - remember how i mentioned life might get a bit stressy for me during the year because of my day job? well. it's about to "go off". that's probably putting it politely - but i'm a tad nervous. but stay tuned. you can come ride a wave of public engagement and see if i'm any good at it. LOL fingers crossed. xc


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you, Mrs. Sparkle. :)

Charlie said...

Thanks Mr Spot :)