Monday, December 22, 2008

Interacting with festive spirit, enjoy!!

What a year 2008 has been. A year of ups and downs, highs and lows, pain and growth.

I love that my dear daughters are with me through thick and thin, growing up so fast with so much humour, fun and intelligence. We have had a joyous year together. I can't wait for them to grow up for me - but at the same time I want them to stay young. It's a mother's dilemma I'm sure. But I know they will grow up good. They are beautiful souls. Both of them.

I love the new friends I have made and am getting to know offline and on. You are each and everyone of you an inspiration and a joy to me. You make me learn and laugh.

I dearly love and admire my long time faithful friends who remain close and are always there for me. The support, acceptance and love they share with me are what gets me through and keeps me going. Always.

Personally, I hope each of you and your respective families have a wonderful festive season, that you enjoy copious amounts of whatever takes your fancy, that many laughs are shared, and that above all you stay safe over this period.

I look forward to catching up with you early in 2009, in what I think will be a challenging but fun filled sparkly year ahead for all of us. Bring it on!!!!

We all deserve the best. And I wish you the best.

To my friends and family, love you lots.
With kisses from Helen (aka Charlie) xc


JimBob51 said...

To you and your Sparkling Girls - my love and best wishes for the Holiday Season. 2009 shall be a wonderful adventure

Kat said...

Charlie, I hope your holidays are filled with joy, laughter, and wonder! May 2009 be a year filled with wonderful things for you!

dm3103 said...

I wish you and your beautiful girls all the very best for the holidays and look forward to sharing the adventures of 2009. Thank you for being who you are, a kind, generous and supportive friend. ((Hugs))

Bruce Andew Gannon said...

Here here babe and right back at ya and those dear girls of yours!!! Enjoy and made the new year even more wondrous the one slowly coming to end!! All my love as always. xxxx

stevedavis said...

Charlie, I feel for your "mothers' dilemma" because I feel it already and Alexandra is only 6 months old! You have captured my feelings so eloquently all that is left to do is raise a glass and drink to it!
What I have loved most this year, apart from Alexandra's birth, is meeting the Adelaide bloggers and discovering a pool of wonderful and vibrantly different people. I really feel like I am part of an extended family through these linkages. And lo and behold, look who has commented already - Jim, Kat, Dana, and Bruce, brothers and sisters all.
Here's to safe travels and more entwinement in each others' lives in 2009!