Wednesday, December 10, 2008

if you could change your life, would you?

Seth raised this question via his own blog and it got me thinking... i'm enjoying interacting via blogs, plurking, and FaceBook just so much. i'm meeting new people - not just online, but off as well. it's making me read, analyse and interact more. i'm exposed to so many more opinions and ways people tackle life in general. and that can only be good, hey!

good for work and play.

so, to change my life - and how i got to be the person i am today? the person i am, who interacts, blogs, chats, plurks, posts photos, pulls faces, laughs and all the rest. no. sorry. i'm happy with who i am. i'd have to say that if i changed it, i wouldnt be that same person. would i?

now, i know i've blogged that i need balance (hmmm too much online) - but even in that statement i'm simply trying to improve myself - not change.

but would you change me? would you change yourself with the same question posed? i hope not. xc

Photo is from a bloggers meet up - taken by Shai Coggins: (i hope she doesn't mind me using it!!)


Richard Pascoe said...

I have said it before ,we are a constantly changing being that adapts to our surroundings and influences , we probably change and evolve every day in reality

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I'd be the same person nor even at the same point in my life if I didn't have the online social network that I've become a part over the last few months.

But I am glad of where my online life has taken me. As Richard says, over any 24 hour period, a mountain of changes, thoughts, text and conversation happen that enable me to find new direction.

PS. Egad, that's me smiling at the back of the room. Great photo of choice for this article. :D