Sunday, August 3, 2008

interacting on strike

Hey if there’s one thing that will make my blood boil at the moment, its teachers on strike. That’s right. Nope I don’t understand the rationale of how having a strike betters our kids, our community or our general well being as a society. So, they want to be more valued, respected and get paid more. It seems every where we go people think striking is still the best option. Probably because we have unions who can’t negotiate effectively? Maybe I’m being too generalist but it’s just a topic that I have no sympathy for. Schools, and teachers, can’t have it all ways. I see it as an outdated, old, boring way to fix a problem. It’s like trudging off to war. It doesn’t work or fix anything.

In my discussions this morning with one child’s father he commented that they’d actually be no point in discussing my concerns with the school because it’s the schools teachers union who are behind this. In my stupidity I had to ask; Who’s running the school then? Are they not teachers? He mentioned I should write to Jane (the responsible Minister). Oh I’m sorry – so I have to write to the Minister to express my distress and disturbance that I disagree with teachers going on strike.

Wouldn’t she just agree with me?

I wonder when schools actually think about parents in this scenario or if it’s us (as parents) who they are attacking to make us rise up also for their cause. Being a single mum I just feel punished in these situations. And if you’re wondering why I’m so fired up about this subject, it’s simple. I deal with 2 kids, who go to 2 different schools and so for me that means 2 SEPARATE strike days (one after the other). And I work full time. I wonder how other single parents cope when they don’t have the flexibility from their employer to work from home like I do. I suspect they’d have to take annual leave. I always thought annual leave was reserved for holidays. These days it seems it’s reserved for strikes and pupil free days.

And don’t get me started on pupil free days or we’ll be here til Christmas.


sighmon said...

The way I see it is that if teachers aren't being paid and treated fairly, then they probably won't be all that inspired at their jobs.. just like anyone else at their work.

So if it takes a few strikes to get a fair deal from the government, which intern means a better education for my kids, then I say fair call.


Anonymous said...

I'm partly in agreement with you Charlie. I think teachers should find a way to strike or protest in a way that doesn't put the rest of society (who have to pay for the increased pay) right off their game. Why can't HALF the teachers at each school have their strike/protest on behalf of the others? Surely the half left at the school could cope for one day in support of the others? Pupil free days stink too- the long "holidays" are a time when teachers should get their acts together. How would we be if university lecturers or nurses decided to have mass student or patient-free days? I think its breaking their social contract with the rest of us. And I have been a teacher in all sectors, let me tell you! Another thing- if teachers are so in demand, why did all the teachers I know struggle so hard to get a fulltime or even part-time job? It's been happening for 40 years as far as my knowledge goes...

Richard Pascoe said...

How about we tie the teachers pay rise into professional development , no can't do that the union won't allow it. How about we tie the teachers pay rise into academic results ( done in other states from what I have been told ), no can't do that the union won't allow it.How about we bring up the fact that the cost of living is lower in Adelaide , no the union doesn't agree.How about we ring Jane's office and ask for an appointment to discuss the matter ? Reply from Jane's office,
Can you please your request into an email which is standard policy for labor ministers .Then good luck waiting for the reply.
We would all like more money / pay rise but we either have to do something to get it ( work harder/longer , development etc ) we just don't get the money for turning up there has to be give and take.

JimBob51 said...

It's Ok - interest rates are going up, the banks are saying they will not put them down when the Reserve Bank does,fuel will never revert to the old prices, State Taxes will go up to cover the pay rise, school fees (they exist, even in Public Education), ETSA is increasing Power costs to cover infrastructure announced yesterday, we don't have any water, inflation will go up and interest rates will rise again. Armageddon looks like a walk in the park. Soon we will be hunting Knagaroo and Wombat just to eat.The cycle will soon go POP