Tuesday, July 22, 2008


its the little things that matter. and it's connections where i learn. hmmm and yes, copy. i hooked up with chris brogan a week or so back (not sure how he'd previously missed my radar but he's there now) and in my dutiful way i read (errr skimmed thru) his blog.

it was a very interesting read. lots of similar thoughts. liked that he used the slogan "community and social media". all good signs.

and then it caught my eye. it was a service i hadn't seen before called eco-safe.

the eco-safe guys write "We believe in the power of our individual voice and collective voice as a whole. Together we can change the world. I can, you can, we can. Here and now, from
this day forward."

all it does is suggest a person email or pdf a webpage to themselves rather than print. it's just a small thing. xc


Kay said...

Well, I must have an ecosafe nature- I have been emailing myself at home and work for years with references and how-tos! My only problem happens when I haven't backed up and get a disk crash- like a few months ago...I can't write and edit a paper without a few printed pages though- my brain keeps track of where on the page something is, before I can digest the content with some other stuff and make my own conclusions. Spotrick can do it all on multiple screens without printing- different sort of brain I guess. I find Chris Brogan too commercial for me- I like more content in a blog. We're all different, thank goodness!